June 17, 2007
I can't tell you how good this feels.
Melissa Noriega, a Houston educator whose campaign had strong funding and key support, easily defeated retired Air Force officer Roy Morales in Saturday's runoff for the Houston City Council At-Large Position 3 seat.

Noriega took 55 percent to Morales' 45 percent with nearly all but one precinct reporting.


"After you win is where the real work begins. Doing the job is the real work," Noriega said. "The people of Houston have honored me with their trust and their votes; there's nothing more powerful than that."

Noriega will have less time than usual to begin the job. She will be sworn in at City Hall on June 27, after the City Council canvasses the votes from the election.

She has long served as a Houston Independent School District special projects manager, but said she will retire from that position to devote her time to City Council.

"I'm going to wrap up my old life and start a new one," she said. "I will treat this as a full-time job."

Melissa Noriega won a well-deserved victory, and the people of Houston get a top-notch new Council member. It's all good. Congratulations to Council Member Melissa Noriega, and to everyone who helped her get there.

On a side note, from the "Have I Mentioned That Every Vote Counts?" Department:

In Clute, at first the vote was tied and Saturday the runoff election to determine the Ward D representative on the Clute City Council was decided by one vote.

Incumbent Travis Quinn edged out challenger Michael Binnion 29 votes to 28.

Election officials said Saturday that a recount will be held if a candidate requests it.

Saturday's election was held after the city's May 12 general election ended with both candidates receiving 12 votes.

I always say that if you didn't vote and you don't like the outcome, you've got no grounds for complaint. That's doubly so in this case.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 17, 2007 to Election 2007