July 18, 2007
Farmers Branch seeks a makeover

Sometimes, these things just write themselves.

Farmers Branch is suffering an identity crisis.

So say city leaders who are on a mission to come up with a brand, an identity or an event - something that people will come to associate with the name Farmers Branch.

Besides "xenophobic immigrant bashers' paradise", that is.

"I think we're just kind of struggling to find something new and different that would make us stand out and hopefully entice some people to come to our city and live and work," City Council member Ben Robinson said.

"As long as they're not immigrants or look like immigrants," he did not add.

"They seem to be looking at communities like Highland Park and University Park and trying to remake Farmers Branch into something it's not," said Kathleen Matsumura, who has spoken out against some of the city's revitalization efforts. "It seems like they've got an inferiority complex."

With its extensively landscaped medians, historical park, numerous athletic fields and 28 other parks, Farmers Branch sometimes bills itself as the "City in a Park."

Ms. Matsumura said it's a slogan that's used occasionally, but should be capitalized on.

But Mr. Robinson said it's not catchy enough.

And this city of 28,000 already is known for one thing that has put it in the national spotlight over the last year - the movement to drive illegal immigrants out of the city.

"It seems like they're linked ... this and immigration," Ms. Matsumura said.

"The revitalization plan seemed to have started first and focused on redoing some of the areas of town, and it just so happens a lot of the areas they are targeting are areas where the low-income people live, and a lot of those are of Hispanic background."

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

You get the idea. I'd wish them luck, but not until they undo the cranial-anal inversion from which they currently suffer. Josh Berthume, from whom I got the link, has more, as does Southpaw on a related matter.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 18, 2007 to National news