June 29, 2008
It means "Suave and Debonair"

Michael brings me some good news.

[I]t was with great surprise and pleasure that I heard from [Tom Beard, lead singer for Houston's strangest blues bar band, Feo Y Loco]. Feo is in the studio working on re-recording old classics and new songs. Politically Incorrect is on iTMS (and amusingly not marked Explicit Lyrics), it's on CDbaby, and the web site makes current and impressive promises:

We are re-mastering the original Feo cassette album, released in 1992. Along with the original songs on the cassette will be 3 new "surprise" tunes Feoheads everywhere will enjoy. This will also be available as a CD on cdbaby.com, or at gigs. This should happen in June, and probably sometime in July, this CD will be available for download on iTunes and the other music download services.

We will also be releasing a live CD, as well as at least 2 more CD's of material never before recorded, before the end of 2008. There will also be videos available as well. And you thought Feo Y Loco was lazy! Shame on you. Check back often for updates.

I actually already own a digitized version of the original cassette, thanks to Michael and Ginger, but I'll be downloading the new one, because whatever that new music is, I need to have it. I wasted many years of my life had a heck of a lot of fun attending Feo shows back in the day, and am pleased as punch to hear they're still active, in some form. If you've never had the pleasure, check 'em out. It won't be the same as one of their live shows, but they're a hoot however you hear them.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 29, 2008 to Music
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