November 11, 2008
It'll be 2010 before you know it

Alan Bernstein notes that it's never too early to announce your intentions for the next election.

Democrat Jerry Simoneaux Jr. says he thought about running this year for the Harris County Probate Court No. 1 bench, but stepped aside when former judge Kathy Stone entered the race.

Now, after watching Democrat Stone win the election, Simoneaux has announced he will run in 2010 for a four-year term on the Probate Court No. 3 bench held by Republcan Rory Olsen.

Any other takers out there ready to announce for 2010?

Well, one possibility is former 164th District Court judge Katie Kennedy, the last Democratic judicial candidate to win in Harris County prior to this year, who has announced via email to Carl Whitmarsh's list that she is giving "serious thought to running for the 280th District Court in 2010 currently occupied by Tony Linsday". That's obviously not official, but it's out there. I am also aware of one other former judicial candidate, who did pretty well in a losing effort earlier, who appears to be set for another run; this person was not ready to make anything public yet. Beyond that, I think it's safe to say that no sitting judge who will be on the ballot in Harris County in 2010 will go unchallenged.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 11, 2008 to Election 2010
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