November 18, 2008
No King?

Miya passes along a tidbit I had not heard before:

It appears that often talked about possible Mayoral Candidate Bill King is steering away from that bid. We first heard rumblings about it before the elections, but things sure have firmed up since then. Although King is never the type of person to open or shut the door completely, the door is definitely much more in the closed position than the open.

While a multitude of reasons have been bantered about for his second thoughts, the two main factors appear to be Gene Locke's possible candidacy, and the faltering economy.

Locke's name surfaced last month, with Miya speculating his arrival would prevent former Governor Mark White from getting in. I think there's room in the field for three serious candidates, and on the assumption that Peter Brown and Annise Parker aren't going anywhere, that would leave King as the odd man out. Seems strange that there wouldn't be a Republican with a hope of winning in the race, but there you may have it. It's still way early, so take all this with the requisite amount of salt for now.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 18, 2008 to Election 2009
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