December 20, 2008
Commit for Life blog

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center now has a blog. Here's some of what you can expect from their blogging efforts:

Conversations on how we can work together to save lives
Personal stories from blood recipients and their families
Success stories of blood drive groups and volunteers
An inside view of what it's like to work at The Blood Center
Updates about Commit for Life benefits and promotions

You can also learn about their new Baytown location. The GCRBC is on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Check it out, learn more, and above all, give blood.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 20, 2008 to Blog stuff

How could we save lives? Well, we could base donor screening on actual medical information instead of bigoted assumptions, so that we wouldn't accept blood donations from heterosexuals who have had sex with ten people in the last year, while rejecting as donors gay men who have been in monogamous relationships for years and have been repeatedly tested for HIV and haven't had a risky sexual experience in 20 years.

Something that crosses my mind when I check my caller ID and see one of my 10 calls per week from them asking for blood. (When I'm home to answer I explain to them why they shouldn't call me until they adopt donor guidelines reflecting current medical knowledge. But they keep calling.)

Posted by: John on December 20, 2008 10:50 AM

Thanks for putting the word out, Charles. We're really glad to be part of the blogosphere (finally).

John - I understand what you're saying. The MSM deferral is an FDA regulation that all blood centers have to uphold until they say otherwise. I agree, would be great to see that rule changed - especially when you think of everyone who would benefit from those donations.

Posted by: Cortney on December 22, 2008 5:52 PM
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