December 19, 2008
On the agenda for Commissioners Court

In yesterday's post about the looming Bettencourt deadline, a commenter noted that the agenda for Harris County Commissioner's Court would be posted this morning for next Tuesday's meeting. Here it is (PDF), but it doesn't tell us much:

Discussion and possible action regarding a replacement for the Tax Assessor-Collector of Harris County for a partial term ending at the completion of the November, 2010 election certification.

So who knows who our appointed tax person will be? I still think we'll have a name floated before the meeting begins as the person to watch for, but the possibility exists that no action will be taken. If you hear any rumors, by all means please let me know.

One other Bettencourt-related item on the to-do list:

Request for approval of a letter of engagement to name Andy Taylor & Associates, P.C., as special counsel to represent Paul Bettencourt in his capacity as Tax Assessor-Collector in connection with a lawsuit in U.S. District Court.

Which means we the people of Harris County will be writing that leech a nice fat six-figure check at some future point. Thanks again, Paulie!

UPDATE: A name gets floated.

Leopoldo Vasquez, a corporate finance professional who serves on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice board, appears to be the leading candidate to replace Paul Bettencourt as Harris County tax assessor-collector.

Calling the Yale and Columbia-educated Vasquez "very respected and very intelligent" Commissioner Steve Radack said Friday he planned to nominate Vasquez at Tuesday's meeting.

Neither Radack nor County Judge Ed Emmett officially would confirm his selection because court members are barred from polling one another outside of meetings.

But Emmett said Vasquez is definitely on his short list.

"I would call him a very, very great choice," Emmett said.

I wonder what Sylvia Garcia and El Franco Lee will have to say about it. Thanks to PDiddie for the catch.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 19, 2008 to Local politics

It will probably be a county employee.

Posted by: Charles Hixon on December 19, 2008 1:21 PM
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