December 21, 2008
Tragedy for family of State Rep. Robert Alonzo

Stace has the sad news.

Tragedy has struck the family of Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo of Dallas. While details about the accident and final funeral arrangements are still rather sketchy, what is known at this time is that Rep. Alonzo's older brother, 58-year-old, Mr. Ramon Alonzo and his 4-year-old grandson Elisha T. Alonzo (Rep. Alonzo's nephew) were on a family fishing trip Saturday afternoon, Dec. 20, in Crystal City, in South Texas. The grandson accidentally fell in the water, the grandfather jumped in to try to save him, and both tragically drowned. Autopsies have been ordered and the family is waiting those results before continuing with further funeral arrangements.

"While there is never a good time to prepare for the loss of a loved one or loved ones in any family, it is especially more difficult to deal with circumstances like this when they happen so tragically and so unexpected just a few days before the Christmas Holidays. Having lost my mother Maria almost 3 short years ago (on April 2006), right in the middle of a special legislative session, I am confident that my family will once again come together in peace, prayer, and with the strong faith in God that binds us all, will always remember the many wonderful times and memories we shared with my brother Ramon and nephew Elisha," said Rep. Alonzo. "I appreciate the numerous telephone calls, e-mails, and other gestures of kindness and condolences that I have received from friends, colleagues, and other citizens in the community in the last 24 hours after learning about my brother's and nephew's passing. We are still in shock over the ordeal. I ask that you hold them both in your thoughts and prayers, as my family comes together to deal with this tragedy, during this time of grief and sorrow," continued Rep. Alonzo.

As of press time, funeral, mass, and rosary services were still pending awaiting family confirmations and other arrangements. Funeral arrangements will be under the care of Castle Ridge Mortuary (formerly Leonard Funeral Home), 303 East Kinney Street in Crystal City, Texas, 78839, telephone (830) 374-3413. The funeral mass and church services, which are also pending, will take place at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located 618 East Zavala Street in Crystal City, Texas, 78839, telephone (830) 374-3148. In addition to Rep. Alonzo, Mr. Ramon Alonzo is survived by a wife and 4 grown children - 3 sons and a daughter. [More final details forthcoming soon].

My sincere condolences to Rep. Alonzo and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 21, 2008 to That's our Lege
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