January 24, 2009
The Speaker speaks

Evan Smith had a sit-down with new Speaker Joe Straus, which was broadcast Thursday on KLRU in Austin. You can watch the video of it at that link; it's a little less than 30 minutes. Straus has made a good impression so far. Assuming there's no shenanigans on committee assignments and there's no Senate-like outbreak of voter ID madness, this may be a productive session.

For purposes of comparison, have a look at the interview Elise Hu conducted with former Speaker Tom Craddick. Like another formerly powerful Republican I can think of, apparently none of the bad things that happened on his watch were his fault. Funny how that goes.

Meanwhile, Burka has a look at the proposed new House rules, which should go a long way towards putting the Craddick era behind us, and Elise has a list of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's top priorities for the session, to which Eye on Williamson adds a few thoughts. Finally, this doesn't have anything to do with the Lege, but I wanted to note that Governor Perry and local religious conservative Steven Hotze have kissed and made up. Do yourself a favor and scroll through the comments for an awesome assortment of creatively-spelled reactions from the type of voter Perry is trying to woo in 2010 with this reconciliation. It's really...well, just go see for yourself.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 24, 2009 to That's our Lege
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