February 08, 2009
Weekend link dump for February 8

The three sweetest words in the English language right about now: "Pitchers and catchers".

The wonderful legacy of the Terrible Towel.

Eight six seven five three oh nine. You want it, you can have it. For a price, anyway.

Apparently, Eileen did not like the GoDaddy.com ads during the Super Bowl. I can't imagine why. And may I say, I hope Danica Patrick got a good price for her appearance in that ad, since it cost her dignity.

I want the Republican Party to be more like Sarah Palin, too. You betcha!

Rep. Al Edwards is back. Cheerleaders across the state shake their booties in fear and loathing.

I can't think of a better opponent for Sen. "Diaper David" Vitter than a pr0n star.

This sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Impressive, but a stack of every idiot in th Republican Party would be even higher.

Some states (*cough* *cough*) have too many Democrats running for the Senate. Others have too many Democrats running for Governor. Maybe we could arrange a trade or something...

Who knew Joe the Plumber was so multifaceted? What next, a cooking show?

Sarah hearts Rick.

Old Jews Telling Jokes. What, you don't like jokes?

How much did the Mormon Church spend on Prop 8? A lot more than they want to admit.

This is what happens when you put Senators on TV.

Now this is keeping Austin weird.

Dogs in elk. A true classic of the Internet. Put your beverages away and enjoy.

When prosecutors blame the victim for their own errors.

Sometimes, you just should not be doing it in the Facebook, with the Twittering.

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