February 12, 2009
House committee assignments are out

At long last, we know who'll be working on what in the House. The full list is here (PDF); a list of chairs only is beneath the fold. Evan notes that Dems got 16 of 18 chairs. The main concern of course has been with Voter ID. I would have preferred a Democratic chair, or a Republican chair with a Democratic majority, but what we got was a 5-4 GOP split with the generally non-crazy but still partisan Todd Smith as chair and an all-ideologue supporting cast: Betty Brown, Linda Harper Brown, Dennis Bonnen, and Dwayne Bohac. The Dems on the committee - Vice Chair Aaron Pena, Alma Allen, Rafael Anchia, and Joe Heflin - will have some work to do to keep anything onerous from escaping.

(I should note at this point that even with the shenanigans in the Senate, there are still things that can be done in that chamber to keep a voter ID bill from passing. And if there's a compromise along the lines of same day voter registration plus an aggressively-pushed free ID distribution program, I might be able to live with that. Needless to say, this will be a highly visible issue.)

Beyond that, I'd have preferred an urban rep or two as the leaders of the Environmental Regs committee, but at least the seniority appointments are good, with Lon Burnam, Jessica Farrar, and Jim Dunnam. Marc Veasey was a good choice as well. For everything else, we'll just have to see how it plays out. I still think we're way better off now than we'd have been with another term of Tom Craddick. BOR has more.

And on a moderately related side note, you can follow Speaker Straus on Twitter. Hopefully, he'll have a better idea of when not to use it than some other Republicans have had. Thanks to Elise for the link.

List of committee chairs:

Agriculture & Livestock - Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles

Appropriations - Jim Pitts

Border & International Affairs - Veronica Gonzales

Business & Industry - Joe Deshotel

Calendars - Brian McCall

Corrections - Jim McReynolds

County Affairs - Garnet Coleman

Criminal Jurisprudence - Pete Gallego

Culture, Recreation & Tourism - Mark Homer

Defense & Veterans Affairs - Frank Corte

Elections - Todd Smith

Energy Resources - Jim Keffer

Environmental Regulation - Byron Cook

General Investigation & Ethics - Chuck Hopson

Higher Education - Dan Branch

House Administration - Charlie Geren

Human Services - Patrick Rose

Insurance - John Smithee

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence - Todd Hunter

Land & Resource Management - Dennis Bonnen

Licensing & Adminstrative Procedures - Ed Kuempel

Local Consent & Calendars - Senfronia Thompson

Natural Resources - Allan Ritter

Pensions Investments & Financial Services - Vicki Truitt

Public Education - Rob Eissler

Public Health - Lois Kolkhorst

Public Safety - Tommy Merritt

Redistricting - Delwin Jones

Rules & Resolutions - Ruth Jones McClendon

State Affairs - Burt Solomons

Technology, Economic Development & Workforce - Mark Strama

Transportation - Joe Pickett

Urban Affairs - Yvonne Davis

Ways & Means - Rene Oliveira

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