February 16, 2009
Microbrewers to try again

May they have better luck this time around.

A bill has been introduced in the 81st Texas Legislature to allow microbrewers to sell their product on the premises of the brewery. Such sales are currently allowed for winemakers, but not beer producers. A similar bill was filed in the 80th Lege two years ago, but it died in committee.

The bills in question are SB754, filed by Sen. Wendy Davis, and HB1062 by Rep. Lon Burnam, both Democrats from Fort Worth. As before, this will be a tough sell, because the beer distributors lobby is powerful. They will spend a lot of money to protect the very un-free market that currently exists in Texas and benefits them. If you think that's a bad thing, and would like to be able to bring home a sixpack of Saint Arnold's when you take a tour of the brewery, the best thing you can do is write a letter or place a phone call to your Rep and your Senator and tell them so. A show of public support can go a long way.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 16, 2009 to That's our Lege
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