February 28, 2009
In the long run, we're all dead

There's long-term planning, and then there's long-term planning.

Big Bend National Park is known for its jagged beauty, but sometimes the mountains are blotted from the horizon by a sky the color of mud.

The air is so dirty on many summer days that the federal government wants Texas to implement a plan that makes at least "reasonable progress" toward eliminating haze at the iconic park, with the goal of achieving natural visibility by 2064.

But the clean-air plan, which the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is poised to approve Wednesday, sets a target of 2155, missing the federal goal by 91 years.

Just in time for my 189th birthday. I'll be sure to have my great^5-grandchildren haul my ashes out there so I can enjoy it. Way to go, TCEQ!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 28, 2009 to The great state of Texas
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