March 11, 2009
Voter ID: That's it for now

In case you hadn't already heard, the measure was passed out of committee - which was the full Senate in this case - by the predicted party-line vote, which was actually 20-12 since Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, sitting in the cheap seats while Sen. Robert Duncan acted as master of ceremonies, cast a vote as well. That happened at about 9:30 this morning, after nearly 24 hours of hearings and testimony. The measure was made eligible for floor action on Monday, so it may wind up in the House sometime next week. Don't be surprised if that turns into another all-nighter. Roundups and commentaries: Floor Pass, EoW, Vince, Stace, Burka, Eileen, TMF, Martha, STxC, and BOR, which also highlights the dumbest argument made during the proceedings. So take a minute and catch your breath, but don't get too comfortable. It'll be back on before you know it.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 11, 2009 to That's our Lege
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