March 18, 2009
Holm announces for Controller

I can't say authoritatively if it's the first of its kind anywhere, but this is the first announcement for public office via Twitter that I've seen.

Announcing the launch of my Houston City Controller campaign web site,! Visit often, bookmark, send to your friends. Thank you!

Now for all I know, Holm sent out releases, held press conferences, all that traditionalist stuff; I didn't get any of that if she did, so I can't say. But this is how I found out about her official announcement. Thanks to Nick Hellyar for the catch.

That makes Holm the first candidate for Controller among the local Twitterati. Ronald Green, MJ Khan - what say you?

UPDATE: Got the traditional press release today. It's beneath the fold. Miya has more.

HOUSTON (March 17, 2009) - Today, Pam Holm, candidate for Houston City Controller, launches her campaign web site,

"In Houston, we elect - not appoint - our Controller to be independent of the Mayor and City Council and accountable to the people of the city," Holm says in the first of what her campaign staff says will be several "webisodes" to be posted at her web site.

"More than ever, Houston's taxpayers need to know exactly how their money is being spent; Council needs to know the impact of their decisions on the budget; and we must utilize technology to cross-reference, compare and fully justify expenses in today's environment to ensure that not only core services but also the city's critical infrastructure needs are met well into the future," said Holm. "My campaign is grounded in these concepts and I will work hard to earn the vote of Houstonians on Election Day, November 3, to serve as Houston City Controller."

Holm is serving her third and final term (according to city mandated limits) as District G City Council Member. She began discussing the idea of running for Controller with key supporters late last year and officially announced her campaign in February.

"I have consistently been a watchdog of your tax dollars as a City Council Member, asking tough questions about how your money is being spent, refusing to rubberstamp expenditures until I have a clear understanding of where the money's coming from and why it's justified. I believe you have a right to know, and as your Controller, I'll make sure you do," Holm adds.

Says supporter Lee Hogan, "At a time when financial challenges are our city's highest priority, we need a City Controller with a proven record like Pam Holm."

A native Houstonian and a citizen leader for more than 35 years, Pam Holm was first elected to City Council in 2003 to represent the people and interests of west Houston in District G. She is currently serving in her third term, which began in January 2008.

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Pam's Group Page 'Pam Holm for Houston City Controller'

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