April 11, 2009
Mayoral Musings

New blog alert - Mayoral Musings, by Nancy Sims, who is a PR professional and Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University of Houston. From the welcome post:

This Blog has been created to serve as a resource for the 2009 Houston Mayoral Campaign. It has been discussed with each Mayoral candidate and they plan to share important information.


Historically, only about 1/3 of eligible voters in Houston select the Mayor in open contests. Voter turnout has been as low as 20%. These numbers tell a sad story. A select few Houstonians are choosing our leaders.

It is my deepest hope that this Blog, along with other coverage, will increase these numbers in 2009!

We will provide a one-stop source with as much information as possible on the Mayoral race, including candidate press releases, announcements, events, public forums and more.

I've got it in my feeds now. I'm looking forward to seeing more coverage on this race.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 11, 2009 to Blog stuff

Interestingly enough, UH lists her as a lecturer:


I presume she picks up an undergrad course on occasion?

Posted by: Kevin Whited on April 11, 2009 8:50 PM
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