May 08, 2009
Friday random ten: Now with more randomness

Back to the well we go with ten more songs taken from the Every Song I've Got In iTunes pile.

1. The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel
2. Guinness Dog - The Rogues
3. Take The "A" Train - Joe Henderson
4. Warmer Place to Sleep - John Mellencamp
5. Cakewalk - Asylum Street Spankers
6. Free as a Bird - The Beatles
7. The Mountain - Heartless Bastards
8. Cotton Club Stomp #1 - from the soundtrack to "The Cotton Club"
9. 11 Easy Steps - Trout Fishing in America
10. Come On (Part III) - Stevie Ray Vaughan

That's "Free as a Bird", not Freebird, which I think would have required a time machine to have been performed by the Fab Four. Which would have been awesome, but I'll leave it to the philosophers to debate. What are you listening to this week?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 08, 2009 to Music
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