May 24, 2009
Weekend link dump for May 24

Hope you're enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.

Yet another reason to disbelieve Selena Roberts.

David Dewhurst: Not the hardest working man in the Capitol.

A little nuance on that Gallup poll that claims more people are now "pro-life". If it turns out that was an outlier, will there be front-page headlines noting that fact? Yeah, right.

The man who ate the GOP.

Aiieee! The Romulans are coming!

Go ahead, tell us how many calories that order of chili cheese fries has. We need to know.

Newt Gingrich says "Quit doing it in my Facebook with the Twittering!" Or something like that.

Apparently, the future isn't bright enough for Governor Perry to wear shades.

"Frumpy" is the new "fun".

The Top Ten Disappointing Technologies, and the,top-10-technologies-that-burnt-early-adopters.aspx">Top Ten Technologies That Burned Early Adopters. Yeah, so true about the zip drive.

Hubble mission photos. Way cool.

George Will demonstrates his versatility by making stuff up on something other than global warming.

"Change comes in a tea bag." That just might make a coffee drinker out of me.

Run, Stormy, run!

Turns out waterboarding really is torture. Who knew? Apparently, some people will require similar confirmation, however. I'm sure they can be accommodated.

So what are the rules for determining when a former elected official's pronouncements are newsworthy?

Steph eulogizes her sister, without whom the TexansChick blog might never have been.

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