September 13, 2002
Equal treatment

Charles Dodgson has some sharp words regarding Noelle Bush and reactions to her recent troubles:

Now that Noelle Bush has been caught trying to smuggle a crack rock into a rehab facility, folks on the right are cautioning left-wingers not to make too much partisan hay over issues in the purely private life of a troubled young woman.

Well, relax. The top item on a google search for "Chelsea Clinton" is a rant from the National Review's John Derbyshire which winds up with a few insults in the direction of Bill Clinton, kicks in with "I hate Chelsea Clinton", and proceeds to excoriate her for, among other things, her choice of college majors (she went to Oxford to study --- ewwww --- economics), for showing up late once to church, and (no, I'm not making this up) for publicly showing solidarity with her family when her dad was going through a rough spot. We promise to hold Noelle to no higher standard than that.

I'll say this about Noelle Bush: I hope she gets treated in the same fashion as any other drug abuser in Florida. Actually, I hope every other drug abuser in Florida gets treated in the same fashion as Noelle Bush. That's what I really want, but it may take the former to bring it about.

On a side note, I wish Mister Dodgson would update the blogroll link he has for me. I want to move up in the ecosystem, durn it!

(That goes for you, too, Kimberly and Max. I'm not feeling the love over here.)

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 13, 2002 to Other punditry