April 05, 2003
A few shoutouts

I've seen a bunch of new URLs in my referral logs lately, so I'd like to take a moment and mention them.

Disturbing Trends, from New Zealand.
Ezra Klein, who watches C-Span so I don't have to.
Byrd's Brain, by Not That Robert Byrd.
Maximum strength Painpill, from the University of Chicago.
Zizka's Vanity Site.
She Sells Sanctuary, which always puts that song by The Cult in my head.
The Yes/No Interlude, whom I need to add to the Texas Political Bloggers list.
Gorilla-a-Gogo, now on my short list of Best Blog Names.
The Cheesesteak, whose index page photos are making me hungry.
Carl With a K, who is Not Just Another Hollywood Liberal.
The Lofty, another college student blogger. There are days when I wonder if I'd have ever graduated if blogging had been available in the 80s. I killed a pretty impressive amount of time writing a once-a-week sports column in college, after all.
If all those college bloggers don't make you feel old, try Dodona, who is a New York City high school student.
Unknown News, not quite a blog but interesting anyway.
The mostly techy phpMP.

Thanks for reading and for linking. I do appreciate it.

UPDATE: Naturally, a day later I find another one, Prairie Point, and he's a fellow Texan.

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Thanks for the link!

Posted by: Kris Lofgren on April 8, 2003 4:20 PM