August 22, 2003
Sleepless summer

SoI received an email yesterday from Matthew Gross of the Dean campaign saying that I could get a press pass for their Sleepless Summer tour. Pretty cool, but as the closest they'll be coming is San Antonio, I regretfully declined. I am, however, attending my first Dean House Party tonight. Apparently, there will be a conference call with Governor Dean, in which he will answer questions that we submitted beforehand. (I asked if he thought the spam story would be a campaign issue, what he thought about the GeorgeWBush website copying his fundraising techniques, and just what the heck kind of name Zephyr is, though I told Rob, who collected the questions to submit, that last one was optional.)

Anyway, speaking of San Antonio, the Express-News had a nice little story about the local Dean supporters.

It's a Wednesday night at Picante Grill on Broadway, and nearly 100 Democrats convene for a meeting and nachos with the works. Dozens of heads are bent over the tables, scribbling. They're not writing out checks. They're writing letters to registered Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire, which hold early primaries, asking them to vote for Howard Dean as the party's candidate for president.

“We're in Bush's home state, and look at what we're doing,” said Matt Glazer, 21, a Trinity student and San Antonio coordinator for the Dean campaign.

sniff That's my alma mater, you know. I'm so proud. Anyway, the article mentions the Dean blog and Meetup and plugs the local support group, and unlike some other newspaper websites I could name, actually encodes the links to those sites. But never mind all that, the article is worth reading just for this:

Zada True-Courage, who works in treasury management, became a Dean fan when he helped her husband, John Courage, run for Congress last year.

“Part of his campaign is building the party up,” she said. “People have gotten more active and interested. If he does that, he will have accomplished tons for this country.”


“I think he can win,” True-Courage said. “I want to see somebody like that win.”

Zada True-Courage wins my vote Name Of The Year hands down. She's on my short list for Best Name Ever.

Finally, on a more serious note, check out the Dean Sleepless Summer flash ad.

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Be sure to blog details of the house party. We're thinking of hosting one and I have no idea how those things are supposed to go.

Posted by: hope on August 22, 2003 10:59 PM