November 13, 2003
Roy's removal

Everything you want to know about Alabama judge Roy Moore's removal from the court can be found in the War Liberal "Get Your Moore On" archives. As the latest entry indicates, Mac is skeptical about Moore's prospects for higher office, news that's almost as good as the news of his ouster to begin with. Unfortunately, I think Mac's prediction about what Moore's future likely does hold is spot on. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 13, 2003 to National news | TrackBack

I'm one of those people who believe he was completely correct on the issue (the 10 Commandments is foundational law for our Republic, something explicity mentioned by several Founders), and who also believe he was completely incorrect to disobey a court order. A judge! Judges do not get to practise civil disobedience. Good, damn riddance.

Posted by: B. K. Oxley (binkley) on November 13, 2003 3:21 PM

the 10 Commandments is foundational law for our Republic, something explicity mentioned by several Founders

binkley, I'm sure I can match you quote-for-quote on that one, so let's not bother. As a practical matter, I keep hoping that fundamentalist Christians will realize what religious non-Christians like me figured out a long time ago: government involvement in religion is bad, not just for government, but for religion itself. I guess majority status blinds some Christians (happily, not all, and not even most) to that fact.

How difficult is it to understand this: if government can promote your religion to the exclusion of mine on one occasion (as Justice Moore did; no one disputes the fact of what he did), it can, on another occasion, promote mine to the detriment of yours. Our founders got this one right, and whether they as individuals were Christians (most were; some weren't) is irrelevant to their understanding of what is needed for a religiously pluralistic society to survive. Former Justice Moore was wrong on the merits, not merely in his defiance of a court order (though I agree with you that that alone would be bad enough).

Posted by: Steve Bates on November 13, 2003 4:14 PM

The Founders remembered Cromwell. There is no way to get the full flavor of their attitudes toward religion at two centuries' remove, but they would have recognized today's Church for what it is: a blasphemous mockery of everything sacred, and seditious conspiracy against the Republic.

Who today proclaims his own piety is merely building a case that he should be permitted to murder his neighbor, who is less pious than he.

Christianity will recover from this discredit; but I cannot imagine when or how, and the mere prospect of eventual recovery cannot mislead us into tolerating the violent and seditious behavior of the Church in the here and now.

Posted by: Frank Wilhoit on November 13, 2003 5:22 PM