January 27, 2004
Building a better web page

With the installation of a fulltime blogger on the Yellow Dog Blog, the Texas Democratic Party is now focusing on its main web page. They're going to do a site redesign and are asking for contributions to help get there. I got the following email from Nathan Wilcox, who's been brought on board to build an effective online communications program, in which he specifies what they plan on doing:

* Build an attractive, professional looking and easy to use site modelled on the best state party Web Sites in the country.

* Make a concerted effort to grow the TDP's email list and build an online community by adding forums, conducting surveys, and generally giving Texas Democrats a platform to talk to their party leaders and each other. We'll also require registration to use these features so more folks will sign up for the email list and we'll minimize trolls and trouble makers.

* Create a comprehensive downloadable resource kit for local activists -- everything someone needs to get involved in the poltical fray will be at their fingertips -- voter registration, primary and caucus information, contact info for local party officials, posters, talking points, etc etc.

* Set the site up with a bare bones content management system so their staff can make updates quickly and easily and won't be dependent on consultants or outside technical help.

* Initiate a much improved email program -- new enewsletter template, better email server and list management, and most importantly training on how to use email to increase site traffic, raise money and build the online community.

* Assistant Communications Director -- they've already brought on the very talented Andrew Dobbs of the Burnt Orange Report blog to help develop content, run the newly launched www.yellowdogblog.com (which we'll also revamp as part of this project), help with site updates and generally keep things buzzing. He's still in college but will be a great asset to the staff at 20hrs a week.

I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Please consider dropping them a few nickels to make it happen.

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