March 20, 2004
CD 32 tightening up

Byron points to this NYT article which notes that the race between Martin Frost and Pete Sessions in the new 32nd CD is tightening up, at least according to Congressional Quarterly.

Eight months before Election Day, the two candidates have raised more than $2.3 million between them. Similar attention is being paid to the other unusual incumbent-against-incumbent race in the state created by redistricting, which was promoted by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay with the expectation it could produce seven more GOP seats in Congress this fall. That contest is in West Texas between Charles W. Stenholm, like Frost a Democrat in the House since 1979, and freshman Republican Randy Neugebauer. (Story, p. 11)

"I will be campaigning in the district every waking moment I am not here in Washington," Frost said. "If Tom DeLay wants these districts so badly he is going to have to win them the old-fashioned way, at the ballot box."

The intensity of Frost's campaign in recent weeks has led Congressional Quarterly to now rate the contest as Leans Republican, meaning Sessions appears to have an edge but the race could go either way. CQ had rated it Republican Favored, which meant a Frost win would be a major upset.

That's all a matter of opinion, of course - as with any contest, all that will ultimately matter is the final score. Nonetheless, this is encouraging news, and I think with sufficient attention will draw a lot of fundraising that will help all of the endangered Democrats.

Just a thought here: It was mighty nice of the GOP to draw a childs-play district for State Rep. Kenny Marchant, who faces the plucky but unknown Gary Page in the new 24th CD. One wonders why a four-term incumbent like Sessions was left with the short straw and the real possibility of being ousted. Oh, I know, Frost was gonna run somewhere (though Jim Turner chose not to), and surely Sessions will get all the help he wants from DeLay's moneymaking machine. But still. Why'd Marchant rate and Sessions didn't? Makes you wonder.

Anyway. Keep your eye on this one. The better Frost does, the better the Democrats overall ought to do.

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Because, if Sessions loses, he unanimously wins the title of worst campaigner in Texas Republican history.

Posted by: Another Rice Grad on March 23, 2004 2:24 AM