July 20, 2004
Money race update

Following up to this post, Rob Booth points me to the FEC search page, which has some more up-to-date info right now than Open Secrets does. A few highlights:

From CD01, Max Sandlin has $727K on hand. No info as yet for Louie Gohmert.

From CD02, Ted Poe has $336K. No info as yet for Nick Lampson.

From CD17, Chet Edwards has $1.2 million on hand, while Arlene Wohlgemuth has $405K.

In CD19, Randy Neugebauer leads Charlie Stenholm by $1.05 million to $739K.

Finally, the DMN article was accurate in noting that Pete Sessions has $2.58 million to Martin Frost's $1.65 million. Both candidates there appear to have already spent a ton of dough.

There are some other interesting tidbits and a few blast-from-the-past names (Greg Laughlin? Steve Stockman??) who apparently haven't cleared out some old campaign debt. Just pick Texas and US House to see the full list, which ought to hold you off until Open Secrets updates.

UPDATE: According to this article, Gohmert has about $372K on hand. Via the Sandlin Campaign Blog.

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I sent you an email but it bounced for some reason. I owe you one man, I was about 2 seconds from a gun to my head this morning. Keep the TX Tuesdays coming and let me know if there's anything else we can do for you.

Posted by: jesselee on July 20, 2004 11:57 AM