August 19, 2004
Deal Hudson

One can call Deal Hudson a hypocrite if one is so inclined. Personally, after reading this story about him, I'd say he's a jerk, and then some. Hudson resigned a faculty position at Fordham University after being accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old freshman. Read and judge for yourself.

On the subject of living and dying by the sword:

Hudson does not shy away from the political limelight. In May he told the Washington Post that Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry should be denounced from the pulpit "whenever and wherever he campaigns as a Catholic." Politics and religion fully meshed earlier this year when Hudson led an effort to oust a low level employee, Ono Ekeh, from his job at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Secretariat for African American Catholics (NCR, April 23) because Ekeh hosted a "Catholics for Kerry" Web site.

"Look," wrote Hudson in his widely circulated e-mail column, "it's one thing for a Catholic to be a pro-life Democrat -- that in itself is a perfectly legitimate position and consistent with our Catholic faith. However, it's completely unacceptable to follow Ekeh and trade away our pro-life responsibilities."

Ekeh was forced to resign.

Politics aside, did Hudson have any personal regret that Ekeh, a father of three young children, had lost his job? Not in the least.

"If you're going to play in the sandbox," Hudson told NCR, "then you have to take the consequences of your public utterances and your public actions." In a recent fundraising letter, Hudson pledged that Crisis would be taking "a close [emphasis in original] look at some of the bishops who are allowing their local politicians to get away with" the "deception" of calling themselves Catholic while voting for abortion rights.

"They [the bishops] are scared of him, afraid that he's going to attack them," says a leading Republican Catholic layman with close ties to the American hierarchy.

The story behind the story is here. Via Kos.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 19, 2004 to Scandalized! | TrackBack

I feel that the person who is really getting hurt in this story the female student. I went to Fordham and graduated in 1996. I knew the girl, and her boyfriend. Granted, I never had Deal Hudson as a professor, but I have friends that were actually in the alleged class. What is missing from the article is the Dr. Hudson was frequently spotted out at the college bars. That side of the story is never discussed. Only the hazing and the manipulation of a lost and innocent girl.
My heart goes out for the victim. Granted she had a real rough start before entering her freshman year. I think it is incredible that she has put her life back together and appears to be doing well. It is also unfair that her name and picture are now posted with the story. Hopefully she is able to put this past her and move on.
I can't describe my the strong feelings for Deal Hudson. He had the oppurtunity to basically disappear. He decided to take a very active role in public life. Dr. Hudson must have realized that the event was going to come back. They always do. He got what he deserved and Deal Hudson should crawl back into the hole he came from.

Posted by: Doug on August 25, 2004 9:10 AM

I read the NCR article and I read Deal Hudsonís confession/article from National Review Online that he published ahead of the unhappy disclosure last week. It is interesting to observe how NCR tries to retain the moral high ground as they descend into the mire of the pit. Follow the NCR links and read the reporters and editorís statements about why they feel their actions were justified. This type of a-moral behavior is worthy of the National Enquirer or some Clintonian era handbook. This is the kind of thing one would typically expect from the NYT. Remember these are people who publish a paper that seeks to inform Catholics Ė followers of Christ! I find this amazing; it shows us the face of these people and there true agenda.

Please note I am not defending Dealís actions. I am an observer of the media and what I find most compelling in all this is the care that is taken by the National Catholic Reporter to excuse the destruction of a conservative Catholic leader, who is the single most effective American voice in pulling back the veil of open dissent by Catholics, even up to the level of Cardinals, as morally justified. It is in my opinion the kind of masked evil that has undermined our Church for the last fifty years. In my humble opinion, there is truth and that truth comes from the teachings of the Church of Rome. What the NCR did was destroy the guy who exposed their liberal dissident cause and its empowerers. He paid the price as faithful Christians are told they inevitably will.

John 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."[1]

Peace, -Joe

Posted by: Joe O'Farrell on August 25, 2004 2:02 PM

Blame the messenger.... The story about Deal Hudson is true - and where's the part about taking responsibility for one's actions? Seems like Deal's supporters in the Catholic League decided to blame the victim by saying this was an incident with a drunk woman he met in a bar. No it wasn't - it was a student.

Hudson goes on and on criticizing gays saying gays are a threat to traditional marriage. Seems like he needs to fix his glass house before throwing stones.

Good for the NCR for exposing this hypocrite.

Posted by: Eva Young on August 25, 2004 11:34 PM

A threat to traditional marriage? Really. If marriage were so sacred, then divorce should be made illegal. Hudson's been divorced 3X. Hudson is a creep. And he has the gall to criticize gay folk. Trash, trash, and more trash.

Posted by: fedup on August 29, 2004 10:24 AM

I was well acquainted with Deal Hudson's great-aunt Lucile Morley of Austin, Texas. She was a wonderful woman that took great pride in helping Deal achieve success in life (both emotionally and financially). I'm sure she is now turning over in her grave.

Posted by: Chris FormyDuval on May 15, 2005 10:04 AM

Joe O'Farrell is covering up the Church's 2000 year war on women and Hudson's adultery excuses--grisly childbirth effects, playboy looksism, and pedophile ageism. The Church banned marriage for priests to free them from wrong sex spouses (women!) or piles of dung (childbirth wrecked moms who continually leaked urine and/or feces if they survived!). While childbirth incontinence fistulas became somewhat fixable 150 years ago, 30-50% of all U.S. moms eventually need Depends (and divorce lawyers!) The Church cruelly annulls the marriages of moms afflicted by fistulas, breast cancer, or a zillion other childbirth atrocities--hence the 4 annullments of wife abusers Hudson and Gingrich. The Church opposes all mother and marriage saving birth control because its pedophile priests hate aging altar boys and Thai child hookers. O'Farrell defends a mother killing pedophile cult. He must be a pedophile too. Or a wife dumper.

Posted by: Heil Mary on November 7, 2005 7:06 PM

Poor Deal - There are two spirits locked in the same body. The dark side shows itself more often than it should. Just like Popeye said, "I yam who I yam!" Surely the National Revue has read Popeye. The originator of that phrase was neither Deal nor Popeye but God himself.

Posted by: Jack Smythe on December 14, 2005 12:33 PM