September 18, 2004

Congratulations to Barry Bonds for his 700th career home run. I don't think I really thought he was going to break Hank Aaron's record until I realized a few weeks ago how close to 700 he was. He's still more than a full season away, and anything can happen, but barring a debilitating injury or a sudden and freakish drop in his level of performance, I'd say mark your calendars for summer 2006. I'm glad I saw it on ESPN last night so some day I can tell Olivia about it.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 18, 2004 to Baseball | TrackBack

He has an outside shot at late next season, but I'd say it'll probably be spring 2006. We TiVo'd the first five innings of the game last night. I would be surprised if half of our neighbors heard me cheering last night.

I almost wish we were having kids so we could tell them one day about how awesome it was to see two people who are legitimately considered among the best ever of their sport. We saw #58 the year Bonds hit 73 (plus bunches of other Giants games) and we saw Gretzky score his 801st goal at an SJ Sharks game, tying the record. That was amazing.

Posted by: Sue on September 18, 2004 9:18 AM

I can see spring of 2006, June at the latest for 756. I had the pleasure of seeing Bonds hit #50 the year he hit 73 HRs (on my first visit to Wrigley Field), and can remember watching NBC the night Aaron hit 715 off Al Downing in 1974.

Despite all of the allegations made about him, you can't deny Barry's talent.

Posted by: William Hughes on September 18, 2004 1:08 PM