February 04, 2005
Jay for Houston

I've said before that the 2005 city elections look to be a snoozer, at least when compared to 2003 (and barring, of course, a massive anti-SafeClear popular uprising which John Whitmire may head off at the pass anyway), but that doesn't mean there won't be any good candidates running. One of them will be Jay Aiyer, looking to replace the term-limited Gordon Quan in At Large #2. That looks to be a crowded race, and if Sue Lovell enters there will be at least two worthy candidates there, but you never know how these things will shake out. Keep an eye on Jay, I think you'll be hearing his name quite a bit in the future.

Greg is wholly on board with Aiyer, and reprints an email from Chris Bell about Aiyer which I also received.

UPDATE: Just received an email confirming that Sue Lovell is in this race as well. No website for her as yet.

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Posted by: Greg Wythe on February 4, 2005 7:32 PM