February 09, 2005

Banjo notes that the ad space on Shaune Bagwell's boobies has been sold for $15K, apparently to Golden Palace Casino. Apparently, this is part of a broad advertising outreach strategy they're on. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do when Fox is clamping down on Super Bowl ads. I wonder how much I could get for ad space on Olivia's stroller. Hmmm...

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 09, 2005 to General snarkiness | TrackBack

Considering that the New York Giants are offering naming rights to their yet to be built stadium for $100,000,000, I'm sure you can get a few bucks for the rights to Olivia's stroller. :-)

More info about the Giants here: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/breaking_news/story/278937p-239004c.html

Posted by: William Hughes on February 9, 2005 11:44 AM

I'm pondering offering $5 to have my domain name put on Olivia's diaper.

*shrug* It's true until you change it, I figure.

Posted by: Laurence Simon on February 9, 2005 11:45 AM

My sister's dog ate a pair of underwear two years ago and had to be rushed to A&M for a thong-ectomy. We tried to sell ad space on the plastic cone he had to wear to keep from chewing on the stitches, but the only taker was D!verseworks, and we felt sorta bad about charging a not-for-profit for ad space on a dog's cone.

Posted by: 'stina on February 9, 2005 4:36 PM