April 04, 2005
DeLay: Is not!

The official Tom DeLay response to the poll that shows voters in his district don't like him so much is sticking his fingers in his ears and chanting "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"

A DeLay aide pointed out that the congressman from Sugar Land has been elected with solid support for two decades.

"(Voters) do that because he's getting things done for the area. He's also earned their support because they know he's guided by principles, not polls," spokesman Dan Allen said.

But Republican DeLay's constituents seem to be rebuffing his frequent assertion that they support his actions leading Congress to intervene in the Terri Schiavo controversy. The brain-damaged Florida woman died last week.

Nearly 69 percent of people in the poll, including substantial majorities of Democrats and Republicans, said they opposed the government's intervention in the case.

Nearly 58 percent were critical of DeLay's leading role in spurring Congress to pass a special law to get a federal court review of Schiavo's parents' attempts to have her feeding tube kept in place.

Actions have consequences. Who knew?

This is my favorite part of the whole poll:

DeLay has said the media have treated him unfairly.

However, slightly more of his constituents, 46 percent, said the news coverage has been fair. Forty percent said that reports about DeLay have been unfair.

Clearly, DeLay's apologists have been lax in working the refs for him. It's so hard to find good help these days, isn't it?

On the editorial front, both the Morning News and the Star Telegram spanked DeLay over the weekend. Get used to it, Tom: You're the one that's out of touch.

UPDATE: Managed to miss The Duality of Tom DeLay somehow, even though a commenter reprinted it in the comments to this post. Thanks to Boadicea for the heads-up.

UPDATE: More from The Stakeholder here, here, and here.

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