April 27, 2005
HJR6 predicted to sail through Senate

You know how I had a smidgeon of hope that HJR6 would fail to make it through the Senate? Looks like that hope was sadly misguided.

Senate leaders Tuesday predicted support for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages in Texas but said senators will oppose a separate effort by the House to prohibit homosexuals from being foster parents.

"The Senate's very, very united in our belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman," Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said, one day after the House had approved the gay marriage ban 101-29.

Sigh. Any two of those eighteen gutless Democrats who voted for HJR6 could have stopped this. They wouldn't have even had to have voted No. Just find an excuse to be absent, and the thing fails for not getting a two-thirds majority. (See Marc Campos? Not everyone is giving passes on this. I'm not forgetting any time soon.)

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