May 12, 2005
Accenture looking for real estate in Austin

Time for another update on THHSC outsourcing...Father John notes that Accenture, the winner of the multimillion dollar call center sweepstakes (pending the lawuit, of course), is looking for office space in Austin.

Sources pinpoint the 141,900-square-foot Southfield office building in South Austin as a likely option for the companies. Few large blocks of space remain on the market, and that building -- at the northwest corner of I-35 and Ben White Boulevard -- is vacant.

Hundreds of employees are expected to need a place to work should the state contract become a reality, real estate sources say, although the number of workers isn't clear yet.

"Accenture is in contract negotiations with HHSC. Work sites related to that contract are not finalized and will not be announced until the contract is signed," Accenture spokesman Jim McAvoy says. "Any speculation on the locations and [square feet] of office space related our contract negotiations is just that -- speculation."

Accenture's main Austin office is in One Barton Skyway at 1501 S. MoPac Expressway. Accenture employs about 320 people in the Austin area.

Just a guess here, but I'm betting a lot of the people they'll wind up hiring to fill that building will be those who used to do this for the state.

Father John also has an update on Colorado's privatization mess, and he links but sadly doesn't comment on the recent TIERS story in the Houston Press (blogged by me here).

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Sorry I missed the mention of my article.
It's been raining school finance lately.


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