May 12, 2005
Perry and Schubert

Was the poor showing by Carroll Schubert in the San Antonio mayoral election a repudiation of Governor Perry? The Jeffersonian considers the question. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 12, 2005 to Election 2005 | TrackBack

George W. Bush and his family endorsed Rob Mosbacher (1997) and then Orlando
Sanchez (2001) for Houston mayor. Both candidates lost, but Bush went on to carry Texas in 1998, 2000 and 2004. Big time.

Chris Bell's spin on Perry and Schubert is therefore empty. What's more, he knows this, because he ran for Houston mayor in 2001 against both Sanchez and Brown. And lost. Big time.

This is the guy Democrats want to send into battle against Rick Perry next year?

Posted by: Marty Jackson on May 14, 2005 11:07 AM