July 13, 2005
Lampson and Raymond

Nick Lampson had himself a fine fundraising quarter for the period that ended June 30.

We're proud to announce that, as of June 30th, you've helped us raise $502,736 towards our campaign to return honor and integrity to the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. It's an amazing total for any House candidate in any quarter -- and all the more amazing that you helped us achieve it in only 8 weeks.

Back when Richard Morrison was still in the race, one of the justifications given for Lampson throwing his hat in was his proven ability to fundraise. Clearly, he still has the touch. Good thing, too, because he's going to need it.

Mr. DeLay, R-Sugar Land, has raked in nearly $800,000 his best three-month tally in 22 years.

Just for comparison, $500K in eight weeks is $62,500 per week, while $800K in 13 weeks is $61,538 per week.

Analysts said the totals foretell a competitive, potentially nasty and expensive contest next year probably topping $5 million on each side, not counting the outside interest groups likely to pitch in.


As the second-ranking Republican in the House, Mr. DeLay has long been a master of fundraising. He has spread his largesse to most GOP incumbents, and many or most would return the support if necessary.


The new tally pushes Mr. DeLay's total for the 2005-06 election cycle to nearly $1.3 million.

Fine by me if GOP incumbents are giving extra cash to DeLay. As many of us observed last year, the more money and time that DeLay has to spend on his own reelection, the less he can spend helping his buddies. I'm happy for him to be a drain on national campaign resources instead of a pump.

One last thing on the DMN article:

After the Legislature redrew districts last year, Mr. Lampson spent $2.3 million in a losing bid for a fifth term. Republican Ted Poe, a former trial judge, beat him handily while spending just $1.5 million.

I presume that doesn't count however much the NRCC spent on the attack ads they ran against Lampson in the Houston media market. I'll bet that brought the pro-Poe expenditures to at least even.

Elsewhere, The Jeffersonian notes that Richard Raymond's campaign website is up. Barring any changes, he's going for a primary challenge to Henry Cuellar in CD28. No word that I'm currently aware of regarding former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez and his previously stated desire for a rematch against Cuellar.

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Mr. Raymond's Austin condominium is listed for sale on erealty.com

Posted by: TD on July 13, 2005 1:11 PM

You bet Ciro Rodriguez is running and he is going to win! Richard Raymondsimply divides up the Webb County vote, leaving Bexar County D's to help return Ciro to the seat that was stolen - yes, stolen - from him.

Viva Ciro!

Posted by: Jose on July 13, 2005 7:33 PM