March 07, 2006
And I'm back

And we're all back from California, where the travel was made much more bearable by the fact that my daughter is a mutant alien from the Planet of Unnaturally Agreeable Toddlers. How people with more normal children handle flying is a mystery to me. Thanks to all my super guest stars and the fine job they did in my absence this week. A big round of applause, please, for Julia, Ellen, Elizabeth, and especially Jim, who is now the second-most prolific author on this site and who got one of his posts linked on the Chron opinion page.

It's primary day today and the results are trickling in. BOR has all the threads for following that you could want. I'll weigh in on the finals as they become known. In case you're curious, our home voice mail had six political robocalls between Wednesday and Sunday - two from Bob Gammage, one from Wes Clark on Gammage's behalf, one from Chris Bell, one an anonymous attack on Bell, and somewhat oddly one from "First Lady" Anita Perry on behalf od Railroad Commish Elizabeth Ames Jones. How many calls did you get?

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