April 02, 2006
Chron runoff endorsements

Given how inexcusably pokey the Chron was at making their primary endorsements, I'm glad to see that they at least have their runoff recommendations made in a timely manner. I'm sure it helps that they needed only to excerpt from their original pieces in most cases, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

One place they did have to write something new:

State House District 146, Borris Miles - An insurance company owner, Miles is challenging incumbent state Rep. Al Edwards. Miles believes the district has not been well-represented in recent years and needs a change. While respecting Edwards' long experience as a civil rights leader, the Chronicle agrees.

Al Bennett got the Chron nod in the first round. Bennett has since endorsed Miles for the runoff, so it's fitting that the Chron has followed suit, even if they never reported on Bennett's endorsement. Like I said, gift horse -> mouth -> me not looking.

I will have statements from five runoff candidates tomorrow in which they tell you why you should vote for them this time around. Early voting begins tomorrow and runs through Friday, so make the time to get out there and cast your ballot.

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It looks like this is a real race. Guess I'll be in Houston for the next few weeks to work for Representative Edwards're-election.

Posted by: jim on April 2, 2006 1:24 PM