April 03, 2006
Statement from Maria Alvarado

The following is a statement from Maria Alvarado, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. She is in the runoff against Ben Grant, whose statement follows this one.

I am glad for this "Off the Kuff" opportunity to offer all Texas voters reasons to vote for me in the run-off election for lieutenant governor. A fundamental reason shared by all is a desire to replace the incumbent with an elected official that is intent on serving all Texans. I believe that, with all due respect and admiration for my opponent, I am the candidate that can fight the incumbent's war chest with the will of people. I have been to the most humble of homes to some very affluent homes to talk about my vision of a one Texas for all. I have not tried to convert anyone from his or her political reference group. I have only offered everyone a place at the table if they would set aside politics as usual and instead consider that a candidate without connections and millions of dollars would be accountable only to the people.

A related reason to vote for me in the run-off election is that my pursuit is not just about getting the Democratic nomination. After watching elections narrowly decided by a 51% to 49% outcome, I have focused on reaching out to registered voters that do not vote. As a candidate, I see the task of engaging these voters as a long-term but overdue mandate. I can access these 10 million voters (approximately) that don’t come out during a general election because I am not afraid to listen. I am not afraid to care. I believe outreach and urging these voters is essential for getting Democrats elected to office.

If you are a Democrat, vote for me in the run-off election and I will exert my work ethic to defend against naysayers that deny the vitality of the Democratic Party. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Start today a habit to reject the naysayer and instead believe!

As your nominee for lieutenant governor, I will begin demonstrating my work ethic as your next lieutenant governor by being present each day of the next special session. As your nominee, I will encourage all voters that when in doubt vote Democratic up and down the ballot in November. I've given you the "how" of my campaign. The "why" of my campaign is to put the people back in control of their government so that priorities are given to public education, healthcare, and a prosperous future for all. Tied to a prosperous future are all the issues that I have been informed about during my visits across the state. I have listened and I will continue to listen. As your lieutenant governor, no lobbyist will mute your voice.

This run-off for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor has given voters additional time to decide which candidate can deliver a victory in November. Some counties can take this opportunity to silence the critics with a tremendous voter turnout in the run-off. Other counties have the awesome task of matching or exceeding a very high voter turnout. Despite the criticism of voter turnout, each of you that voted during the primaries deserves applause and thanks. I especially thank those that honored me with 41% of the vote (corrected for Cameron County). Still, the job is not done. I must call upon each of you to come out again to vote for me during early voting (April 3-7) or on April 11.

María Luisa Alvarado

Democrat Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Thank you, Maria Alvarado. Please see the next post for the statement from Ben Grant.

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