April 03, 2006
Statement from Ben Grant

The following is a statement from Ben Grant, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He is in the runoff against Maria Alvarado, whose statement precedes this one.

Benjamin Z. Grant, candidate for Lt. Governor

I was born the son of a country preacher. I have worked at a lot of hardscrabble jobs to get an education. I have a law degree from the University of Texas Law School. I have taught in the public schools, served ten years in the Texas Legislation (six years as chairman of the Judiciary Committee). I served four years as District Judge and 17 years as a justice on the 6th Court of Appeals.

My experience, my willingness to work with people for the common good, and my true concern for our state qualifies me to serve the people of this state. I am running for Lt. Governor, because I believe government should represent all the people, not just a few elite, selfish, special interest groups. I am running because I believe all power is inherent in the people and government should be the servant of the people.

I am running because a lot has been said, but nothing has been done about school finance and education reform. Education affects us all.

I am running because I believe I can provide leadership and work with the legislature to meet the needs of our state and bring about a bright, hopeful tomorrow. I am a dedicated public servant who can work with others to accomplish our goals.

Win with Ben!

Thank you, Ben Grant. Please see the previous post for the statement from Maria Alvarado. More statements follow this one.

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