April 09, 2006
HD146 runoff profile

If all the pre-primary race profiles had been as substantive as this one on HD146, I'd have been a lot less cranky back then. It's a good read and it covers things pretty well, so I'll just pick one minor nit:

The runoff winner in the historically Democratic district will be the favorite in November's general election against Libertarian nominee Gerald W. "Jerry" LaFleur. No Republican sought the seat.

LaFleur ran as the Libertarian candidate in CD22 in 2002, garnering 1.01% of the vote. In case you're curious, CD22 and HD146 do not intersect. Saying that the winner of this runoff will be "the favorite" to beat LaFleur is like saying that the Spurs would be the favorite to beat a junior high school team. Calling it an understatement is, well, an understatement.

Anyway. If you missed your chance to vote early, you've got 12 hours on Tuesday to make up for it. Here's the statement that Borris Miles gave for the runoff. Your vote matters, so don't waste it.

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"Edwards has questioned Miles' Democratic credentials, because of contributions Miles has made to Republican officeholders, including $2,500 to Gov. Rick Perry and $2,100 to U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison."

Not that it will likely change my vote, but this did not give me a warm fuzzy. I realize in business sometimes you give money to try to influence particular issues, but I am not seeing a particularly good reason for this. Would have liked to have seen a better explanation from Miles, though that may be a flaw in the article and not his explanation

Posted by: Kyle on April 9, 2006 6:50 PM