August 07, 2006
Announcing the TexRoots candidates list: Round One
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It's been a crazy day today, so I'm getting to this a little later than I'd originally planned, but as of today the Texas Progressive Alliance -- a collection of over 20 Texas blogs united to promote Democratic and progressive candidates and causes -- has launched the first round of endorsements for our online fundraising drive. The three candidates we're touting in this go-round are:

Hank Gilbert, who is running for Agriculture Commissioner.
Shane Sklar, who is running for CD14.
Juan Garcia, who is running in HD32.

I'll save myself a little typing and point you to BOR and The Red State for all you need to know about these three fine fellows. We're hoping to raise $3000 total in the next two weeks. You can help by clicking the logo at the top of this post or on my sidebar and using the new features of that we told you about to contribute.

As a reminder, I've got an interview with Gilbert here and with Sklar here. I have another interview with Sklar in the works, and of course he was kind enough to do a guest post for me last week. Phillip has more on Gilbert here (and I'd be remiss to omit a mention of the blog about his opponent), with a link to video of his Democratic Convention speech here. I've not had the pleasure of meeting Garcia yet, but I'm working on it and will interview him when I get the chance. He was in the news over the weekend, and you can watch a short bio video of him on YouTube.

You'll hear a lot more on these folks, and of the endorsees to follow, in the coming weeks. Please help us help them. Thanks!

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