January 14, 2008
Candidate interview: Joe Jaworski

Note: This entry is part of a series of recorded interviews with non-judicial candidates in contested Democratic primaries. I am also doing written Q&As with judicial candidates.

There's been a lot of focus lately among Democrats on winning back seats in the State House, in Congress, and in county government in places like Dallas and Harris. One place you don't hear a lot about is the State Senate, mostly because there haven't been a whole lot of opportunities. This year is different, as Wendy Davis in Fort Worth and Joe Jaworski in SD11 have presented themselves as serious candidates in districts that can be won. Jaworski is from a famous Texas family, he just finished three terms in Galveston's City Council where he also served as Mayor Pro Tem, and he's running against the mostly-inert but still polluter-friendly Toxic Mike Jackson, whose removal from the Senate would be a great public service. He also has a primary opponent, which is why I'm presenting this interview now, so that those of you who live in SD11 can hear from this excellent candidate, whom I endorse for March and beyond.

Here's the interview, in MP3 format as always. I plan to revisit folks like Jaworski later on after the primaries as well. In the meantime, please let me know what you think.


Jim Wrotenbery, candidate for 125th District Court (Civil)

Diane Trautman, candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor

Judge Susan Criss, candidate for the Texas Supreme Court, Position 8.

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