February 12, 2007
Metro responds to North Line complaints

I was wondering if there was more to this than the original story reported. Turns out, there is.

Space was tight in Friday's newspaper and some important information got cut on deadline. The story was about Northside merchants worried that Metro will condemn their properties to build a new transit line.

Several said the agency's environmental study of the North Line includes their properties among nearly 200 that Metro plans to acquire.

What readers did not see was news that since the study was released Dec. 29, Metro has cut back sharply the number of properties it says it will need.

Spokeswoman Sandra Salazar said the agency now plans to acquire, at fair market value, 33 whole properties along the route instead of the 114 listed in the environmental study.

It also plans 71 partial acquisitions, compared with 85 in the study, she said. Of the partial acquisitions, 44 are 10 feet or less in depth and another 27 are "corner clips," small amounts of footage at intersections, Salazar said.

These numbers could change as detailed plans are developed and the city has its say about sidewalks, building setbacks and other concerns, she cautioned.

We'll follow the issue closely. Northsiders, please keep in touch.

And please beware of anyone spreading the usual fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Nobody is going to lose their property without knowing about it well in advance.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 12, 2007 to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles