Red light camera ban appears dead

So says the Star-Telegram, which has been the go-to source for these stories.

A final version of legislation restructuring the Texas Department of Transportation is not expected to include a ban on red-light cameras or a local option provision allowing county elections to raise money for road and rail projects, lawmakers said Saturday.

Members of a joint conference committee reconciling differences between the House and Senate versions of the transportation department bill are under a midnight deadline to release their report. Sen. Glenn Hegar Jr., R-Katy, the chief Senate negotiator, told the Star-Telegram that neither the local option provision or the red-light camera ban are likely to be in the final bill.

Asked if the local option provsion, strongly opposed by House negotiators, will be in the conference committee legislation, Hegar replied: "I don't see how it does."

He added: "I would assume there will be no ban on red light cameras, and then that the way the bill would focus on TxDOT and nothing more, nothing less."


[Rep. Gary] Elkins acknowledged that his red-light camera ban apparently was out of the bill. He said his amendment "was being held hostage" during the conference committee deliberations, with a possible swap in which the Senate would agree to take the House-passed red-light camera ban in exchange for House acceptance of local option.

"My understanding right now is the House is not going to get its will on red-light cameras and the Senate is not going to get its will on the local option tax," he said.

It's also possible that HB300 won't be able to pass - among other things, Sen. John Carona may filibuster it over its lack of a local-option provision - or if it does pass, Governor Perry, who not unreasonably thinks the whole thing has turned into a monstrosity, may veto it. In which case, the red light cameras will live on, since there would be no legislation to pass that would kill them. At this point, I'd say they're in decent shape, though as always it ain't over till it's over. Hope all those contracts with camera vendors that got extended for however long don't come back to bite anyone. EoW has more on the status of HB300 and the local option tax.

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Budget heads to the Governor

In the end, thanks in large part to the stimulus package and its infusion of funds that prevented the need to dip into the Rainy Day Fund, the budget process was relatively uncontroversial. Yesterday, it was passed by the House, and is now on its way to Governor Perry's desk.

With just three days left in the 81st Texas Legislature, the only thing certain was the state's $182.3 billion budget, which, among other things, increases spending for the mentally disabled, correctional officer salaries, college financial aid and pre-kindergarten programs. Most of the money, which includes $12.1 billion in federal economic stimulus dollars, is dedicated to education and health care.

The vote in the House was 142-2, after unanimous passage in the Senate. Perry is certain to do some line-item vetoing, if only to remind us that he can. Odds are he'll pick something that no one will see coming. We'll know soon enough.

Of greater interest at this time is the handful of bills that are still struggling to stay alive.

The House kept the debate on windstorm insurance reform alive by agreeing to seek a compromise on the bill in a joint conference committee. Perry has told lawmakers he will call a special session if the windstorm insurance reform does not pass.

At issue is how to keep solvent the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, which provides insurance for homeowners who cannot find private coverage -- without pushing insurance rates up. Hurricanes Ike and Dolly busted the association with an unexpected $2 billion in payouts.

Rep. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood said they hope to reach a settlement so as "not to have a special session."

Here's the conference committee information. They have till midnight tonight to work it out, get a bill printed, and distribute it to members. Tall order, but doable.

Also Friday, Sen. Kip Averitt, R-Waco, said he was still trying to revive the Children's Health Insurance Program. An effort earlier this week to piggyback CHIP on a bill for newborn disease screening did not comply with House rules that subjects be "germane."

Although a coalition representing 70 groups called on legislative leaders to "take all necessary means" to pass the bill, the prospect is dim.

Apparently, the measure to which the CHIP bill had been attached as an amendment, which had originally been sent back by the House because author Paula Pierson didn't think it would concur, has now been approved for a conference committee, but that's to remove the CHIP amendment so the original bill, having to do with newborn screening, can pass. There's still the original House CHIP bill by Rep. Garnet Coleman, which hasn't been approved by the Senate but still could if they agree to suspend the rules to bring it up. I'm not holding my breath on that one. The Chron editorializes today in favor of taking action, while Rick Casey took Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Sen. Steve Ogden to task for not getting this right the first time.

Disputes also were holding up a bill to renew the life of the Texas Department of Transportation for another two years. Portions of the bill call for a local option gas tax, supported by business leaders and elected officials from North Texas and San Antonio.

In Harris County, officials are keeping an eye on a provision that could limit or ban new cameras being placed at intersections to catch red-light runners.

That one could get ugly. Rep. Joe Pickett has called out lobbyists who are agitating over the local-option tax, which has both strong support and strong opposition. More from McBlogger and EoW, both of whom are in the latter camp. On a tangential note, the Chron rails against the attempt by the state to meddle in local affairs regarding red light cameras.

Finally, one bit of bad news.

At the stroke of midnight on Friday, House Bill 1243 turned into a pumpkin and a fairy godmother was nowhere to be found to save it or the electric cooperative measure attached to it.

Provisions to improve accountability in the electric cooperatives, including Pedernales Electric Cooperative, had been tacked on to the bill in the Senate. And Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston, challenged whether that amendment and others belonged on the bill.

A lengthy confab at the dais followed by a postponement delayed a vote on whether to send the bill to a conference committee, called for by Turner, until shortly before midnight. That vote failed 48 to 90.

But by the time Rep. Pete Gallego, D-Alpine, stepped to the microphone to save the bill, it was too late.

Another half-hour of parliamentary hand-wringing ensued. But, in the end, the glass slipper didn't fit.

That unfortunately means that SB545, the solar bill, is dead as well. Major bummer about that.

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Houston extends red light camera contract

We'll have red light cameras to kick around for at least a few more years.

The City Council extended the contract of the company that administers its red-light camera program for three more years Wednesday, aiming to thwart legislation pending in Austin that would sunset the use of the devices.

The ordinance, which passed Wednesday with only two nay votes -- by members Mike Sullivan and Jolanda Jones -- extends the camera program through May 2014. The action was a preemptive effort meant to keep the program active in case a bill in the Legislature succeeds in precluding municipalities from adding the cameras or extending contracts with vendors after June 1, 2009.

The provision was included as an amendment to a bill that already has passed in the House and is expected to be hashed out in the coming days in a conference committee. Rep. Gary Elkins, R-Houston, sponsored the amendment.

The cities of Amarillo, Arlington, Baytown, Fort Worth and Irving all took similar steps to extend their programs, in some cases continuing them for an additional 15 to 20 years.

Mayor Bill White defended the council's action Wednesday.

"The fact is that where we have these cameras, the number of people who are photographed running the red light goes down consistently over time," he said, adding later in a news conference that he believes the cameras will become an integral part of law enforcement all over the U.S. within 10 years.

Maybe we'll get a valid study of their effect in Houston by then. We all saw this coming, so if you don't like the cameras, take solace in the fact that Houston only extended the contract that far, unlike some other cities.

Burleson extended its agreement with American Traffic Solutions for 15 years, a city official said this week.

The Fort Worth City Council gave the city manager permission this week to immediately sign an extension through 2018 if it appears that the Legislature will imminently approve a ban on future contracts.

North Richland Hills extended its deal with Redflex through 2013.

Last week, Arlington officials gave the city staff permission to sign a new deal with ATS through 2027, and Southlake extended its terms with Redflex through 2024.

Count your blessings, camera-haters. The House conference committee members on the TxDOT sunset bill that had the anti-camera amendment will be fighting to keep it, so their days may still be numbered.

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Anti-Metro amendment officially dead


State lawmakers today voted unanimously to kill a provision that could have complicated the Metropolitan Transit Authority's light-rail plans.

The House removed language from a local transportation bill for Austin that would have put limits on Metro's authority to acquire property through condemnation.

Rep. Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, quietly placed the provision in the bill, apparently at the request of rail critics who contend that a 2003 referendum didn't specify that a portion of the planned University Line would run on Richmond rather solely on Westpark.

Technically, it was one critic, though as has been suggested to me I'm sure there were others behind him. Way to operate in the daylight, y'all. But then that's been the hallmark of rail opponents around here, going back to Texans for True Mobility in the 2003 referendum, and no doubt much farther than that. No surprise there at all.

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Would-be Metro killer outs himself

I had wondered who was behind that anti-Metro amendment from the weekend. Now I know.

A local light rail opponent claimed credit Tuesday for working with an El Paso legislator to try to block Metro's ability to build the University Line along Richmond Avenue.

Don Hooper, who owns property along the thoroughfare, said he persuaded Democratic state Rep. Joe Pickett to amend a bill involving Austin's transit agency last week.

The amendment would prevent Houston's Metropolitan Transit Authority from using condemnation powers to acquire land needed for the proposed line running from the University of Houston through downtown to near Westpark and U.S. 59.

Pickett, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, did not return calls for comment Tuesday. But other legislators and Metro officials confirmed that the amendment -- which now looks unlikely to pass -- would have posed a big threat to Metro's plans for four new lines.


Houston-area lawmakers and Metro lobbyists worked over the weekend to block the amendment.

State Rep. Ellen Cohen, D-Houston, said Tuesday that Pickett had agreed to pull his amendment, which had been attached to a bill allowing Austin's transit agency to hire officers to catch fare evaders.

By late Tuesday, the bill still contained Pickett's amendment, but it hadn't been placed on the local and consent calendar -- a crucial step in getting the bill to a floor vote. As a backup, the part affecting Austin was added to a separate Texas Department of Transportation measure, so if the bill fails Austin's agency can still hire fare enforcement officers.

I reported that on Monday. SB1263 is on the Local, Consent, and Resolutions calendar for today. The bill text still has the offending amendment in it, but that likely doesn't mean anything at this point. Still, vigilance is called for, so keep making those phone calls.

So what we had here was one dude laying a bunch of baloney on a legislator from outside Houston who didn't know any better, and in the process nearly sinking a huge project that had been approved by the voters. I suppose the fact that it won't happen should be a sign that the system works, but that's pretty cold comfort. And in the irony department, a Metro Solutions News Flash that touted the Saturday days of wine and roses editorial hit my inbox yesterday afternoon, with nary a mention of Hooper's assassination attempt. Way to communicate, guys! Though I suppose there are days when the head-in-the-sand approach has its merits. The idea is that if you do that, whatever's bothering you will go away, right? Maybe they're onto something after all.

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Senate passes TxDOT sunset bill, red light cameras not dead yet

The Senate approved its version of HB300, the TxDOT sunset bill, and as expected it has some major differences from the House version.

Plans to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for transportation projects in North Texas progressed Monday night as the Senate approved a massive transportation bill that gives counties authority to ask voters to endorse higher gas taxes or other fees.

The bill, approved 22-9, would also end the state's authority to create privately operated and financed toll roads, though that provision could easily be changed, or even eliminated, before the bill becomes law.

A version of the bill passed this month by the House does not include the tax proposal, a fact that could spell trouble for the entire bill. The House bill would impose far more changes on the Texas Department of Transportation. The chambers will have to negotiate a compromise on the bill.

An amendment to kill red-light cameras in Texas also passed 16-15, but was later withdrawn after two senators changed their minds. The House had already voted to kill the cameras, which several Dallas-area cities use.

Matt Stiles blogged yesterday morning about a possible option to let those caught by red light cameras take a defensive driving course to get out of paying the fine. It's unclear to me if this provision is in the Senate version of the bill. The close vote on the cameras, and the fact that a couple of Senators changed their minds, suggests the possibility that the ban could be added back into the conference committee version of the bill. For now, though, they live.

The local tax provision would let counties in Texas' five largest metropolitan areas call tax elections as soon as 2010. Voters would be asked to approve a range of new fees and taxes, possibly including a 10-cent per gallon fuel tax increase.

Peggy Fikac notes that this also includes the possibility of up to a $60 increase for vehicle registration fees and up to a $24 increase for driver licenses' fees that could be used for transportation projects. All would have to be approved by voters.

Dallas-area planners have said their first priority for the new funds, which could total $500 million or more per year, will be to expand suburban rail lines, though legal hurdles to using all of the new funds for that purpose must still be cleared.

Sure would be nice to have some funds like that available for commuter rail here, wouldn't it? I have a hard time seeing any ballot-proposition tax or fee increases to fund that getting passed, unfortunately.

In the Senate version of the bill, the Texas Department of Transportation would retain its current governance structure - comprising five commissioners appointed by the governor - and its authority to have the biggest say over which roads will be built and when.

The Senate bill would reduce transportation commissioners' terms from six years to two, however.

So no elections for TxDOT commissioners. I know there were logistical issues with that, and that rural counties likely would have gotten the short end of the stick, but I still think it was a worthwhile idea to explore. Maybe some other time. For now, the next step is the real sausage-making, also known as the conference committee. They'll need to hurry, and Lord knows nothing can go wrong when that happens. Keep an eye on this one. Postcards has more.

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Anti-Metro amendment removed

I'm pleased to report that the anti-Metro amendment that was in SB1263 has been removed. I am told that Rep. Ellen Cohen discussed the matter with Rep. Pickett, who agreed to remove the Houston-specific language. This is great news, not just for the fate of the Universities line, but as Christof notes, for the rest of the system:

Item (1) [of the original amendment] does not actually apply to the University Line, since there was no route set for the University Line before the referendum. But it does apply to the North Line (which was shifted from Irvington to Fulton at the request of neighborhood groups) and the Southeast Line (which was shifted from Scott to MLK, again at neighborhood request.)

Item (2) applies to every single one of the lines. METRO's ballot named lines and described end points; it did not call out every street a line would run on. It was not required to, and METRO had not yet done studies on all of the lines.

So this legislation would [have stopped] all property acquisition on all 5 new lines immediately.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case, and for that I thank Rep. Cohen for taking the lead and to Rep. Pickett for listening to reason. (The text of SB1263 has not been updated on the Texas Legislature Online site, but I have been assured that the offending will be removed.) What this shows to me - again! - is that there's never been a difference between the anti-rail-on-Richmond forces and the opposition to the 2003 referendum. The only constituency that could credibly claim to be anti-Richmond-but-pro-Westpark, and only interested in that, were the people in Afton Oaks, and they got what they wanted. Everyone else involved in this has been dedicated to doing whatever it takes to stop rail in Houston. The will of the people doesn't matter to them. Clearly, we can't rest easy till everything has been built.

Anyway. Even without Rep. Pickett's change of stance, it's possible this bill won't make it onto the calendar before tomorrow's deadline for the House to approve Senate bills, so one way or another this crisis will be averted. I'd still like to know who it was that got to Rep. Pickett and filled him full of lies, but I suppose we never will learn their identities. I do plan to hold this incident up as a shining example of the anti-Metro forces' hypocrisy the next time I see someone complain about the agency acting in a secretive manner. I'm sure it won't be long before that happens.

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Westpark zealots try to pull a fast one

Just yesterday, the Chron wrote an editorial about how everything was coming up roses and daffodils for Metro lately, thanks to some federal funding (with more in the pipeline) for the light rail expansion and a generally favorable political climate. So naturally, what do we see today but this article about a sneak attack in the Lege on the Universities line.

The proposal, which still faces an uphill battle in the final days of the legislative session, was quietly attached last week to a loosely related bill by House lawmakers.

"It effectively kills the light rail program," said George Smalley, Metro's vice president for communications and marketing.

The new restrictions, if enacted, would limit the agency's eminent domain authority, needed to buy property for the rail lines, if a route differs from the 2003 referendum that authorized the light rail program.

The restrictions mirror the rhetoric of rail critics, who say the location of the controversial University Line down Richmond and Westpark doesn't conform to the referendum.

"If you lose a line like the University Line because you lost the power of condemnation, then the whole thing is at grave risk," Smalley said.


State Rep. Joe Pickett, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, said he added the new restrictions at the request of rail critics by amending another bill, which regulated fare enforcement by mass transit agencies.

The El Paso Democrat said they convinced him that the transit agency hadn't complied with the referendum. He said he hadn't talked with the agency, though, before adding the language.

At issue is whether it's lawful to build a line partially on Richmond when the ballot described it as being on Westpark.

The agency says the largest share of the line would, in fact, be on Westpark, adding that the ballot referred to a general location, the details of which should be based on federally required cost and ridership studies. Those indicate that a segment should be on Richmond.

Pickett said he is open to changing the language.

"If ... they intend to meet their promise that they made, then they shouldn't have a problem," he said. "It was pretty clear that there was a referendum that did state where (the line) was going, and we were just asked to ratify that." The legislation came to light just as agency officials were hopeful that, after years of debate and uncertainty, they would have the funding and political support to move forward.

So once again, the people who lost the election and whose lawsuit is currently going nowhere have shown that they will do anything to overturn the will of the people and stop light rail in Houston. I'm amazed that they were able to influence Rep. Pickett, and appalled that he couldn't have been bothered to at least ask Metro for a response. I'm sorry, but that's just ignorant. Clearly, Rep. Pickett needs to hear from some people who are not anti-Metro crusaders. Feel free to give his office a call and tell him - politely! - that you support light rail in Houston, that you support Metro's current expansion plans as they now stand, and that you oppose any effort by the Legislature to affect those plans. His Austin office number is (512) 463-0596 and his district office number is (915) 590-4349. If you do make a call, leave a comment here and tell us what kind of response you got. Thanks very much.

The bill in question is SB1263. Here's the committee substitute version of the bill. The relevant text is the underlined section that begins "This subsection applies only to an authority created under Chapter 451, Transportation Code, that operates in an area in which the principal municipality has a population of 1.9 million or more." You could mention that you oppose this amendment that's been added to the committee substitute version of SB1263 when you call Pickett's office.

By the way, there's a real irony here in a sneak attack, made behind closed doors with no public input or notice, on an agency that's often criticized for not operating in a transparent manner. I daresay some of the people who are behind this covert operation have been quoted in the Chronicle at one time or another berating Metro for not being more open about what it's doing. And yet here they are, skulking through a back door, without the rest of us even having any idea who's behind it. Way to go, y'all.

The good news is that Houston lawmakers are not going to take this lying down.

The bill had been planned for a local and consent calendar reserved for non-controversial or limited measures that draw little debate, perhaps on Wednesday. But the controversy appeared likely to force the measure to be considered like any other complex legislation.

With only a week left in the session, and with hundreds of bills in line for consideration, the bill might never get a vote.

Several lawmakers have also said they would fight any attempt to tie the agency's hands.
"I've got my eye on it," said state Rep. Wayne Smith, R-Baytown, who predicted that the bill wouldn't survive in its current form.

State Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, also planned to investigate the issue, saying that prohibiting the agency's eminent domain powers "would prevent the common good."

"I'll get after it with all my might," he said. "I'm a great supporter. Rail is a vital component of our future and our transportation system."

That's nice to hear. It would also be a good idea to call your own Rep and Senator and tell them you oppose Pickett's amendment that removes Metro's eminent domain power in the committee substitute for SB1263. Especially with all that's going on right now in the House, let's take nothing for granted.

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Skinning a cat: Alternate methods

As you know, the TxDOT sunset bill HB300 included among its many House amendments a couple that were aimed at killing off red light cameras in Texas' cities, by putting them under the authority of DPS and by forbidding the renewal of existing contracts with camera vendors. While it is entirely possible that these amendments will be removed by the Senate, it's safe to say that there exists legislative will to do away with the cameras. As such, the cities that operate them and which by and large have made money off of them are taking action now to protect their investments.

Officials in Arlington and Southlake are moving swiftly to sign 15- and 20-year deals with their respective vendors in hopes of getting around a plan by lawmakers to phase out the controversial devices.

"It's not the state's business. It's our business in terms of how we regulate local traffic," Arlington Councilman Mel LeBlanc said Wednesday. "We feel the original decision to institute red-light cameras has a lot of validity to it and is a public safety benefit to Arlington."


Meanwhile, Southlake signed a 15-year deal with Redflex Traffic Systems on Wednesday, extending the city's red-light camera program through 2024.

And Tuesday night, the Arlington City Council authorized staff to sign an extension with American Traffic Solutions through 2027. That hasn't happened yet, but city officials say they'll continue watching the activity in Austin and, if it looks like a ban is inevitable, sign the long-term deal before June 1.

Pretty clever, if you ask me. You have to figure that the reps who led the charge against the cameras - Gary Elkins, Carl Isett, and Solomon Ortiz, Jr are the big three - are kicking themselves for not covering that particular base. And because I know you're curious:

Houston is "reviewing what our possible options are should the legislation pass," spokesman Frank Michel said. Houston's contract with ATS expires in June 2011.

I presume the cities with cameras would have 90 days after the bill is signed, which is how long it takes for a new law to take effect, to get their affairs in order. Look for this to turn into a stampede if the amendments remain in place.

Finally, on a tangential topic:

[Arlington] has cameras at 17 intersections and could place them at up to 40 under the contract. Wrecks at intersections with cameras have decreased 30 percent on average, said Steve Evans, management services director.

"We are seeing tangible benefits from the cameras," said Councilman Robert Rivera, who represents southeast Arlington. "We're seeing a reduction in fatalities, a reduction in accidents and an increased sense of awareness of safety in intersections."


Southlake installed its first two cameras last year and recently installed four more. Accidents at the first two intersections decreased by an average of 17 percent, officials said.

In North Richland Hills, nine cameras are in operation, spokesman Frank Fiorello said.

Crashes decreased by 54 percent at those intersections between September 2007 and August 2008.

Sure does stand in contrast to Houston's experience so far, doesn't it? Which leads me to wonder again if that red light camera study was so screwed up as to be completely useless, if the study was fine but Houston's implementation was fatally flawed, or if it was all just a statistical fluke that will vanish over time. I guess we'll have to wait till the next study to get some idea of that.

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Intermodal Transit Center update

Swamplot has a spiffy picture of the proposed Intermodal Transit Center on North Main, which last we checked may or may not actually get built. But we'll always have the pretty pictures, whatever else may happen. Check it out.

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The squiggle

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The Senate TxDOT sunset bill is not the House TxDOT sunset bill

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More on the House attempt to kill red light cameras

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More on Metro's costs

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Metro's costs and critics

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Sunsetting TxDOT

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You kids hang up and drive!

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Senate approves SUPERTRAIN study

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Is the Lege going back on red light cameras?

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More on the SUPERTRAIN

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Prius problems

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Is it that bogged down already?

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Here comes the SUPERTRAIN

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Katy Freeway managed lanes set to open

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Taking taxation aversion to its logical extreme

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OK, you can use some stimulus money on rail

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Red light camera revenues unspent

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Stimulus? What stimulus?

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A better idea for the Grand Parkway

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For the money, I sure hope so

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Commissioners Court OKs Grand Parkway Segment E work

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Crosstown (rail) traffic

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Activists tell TxDOT to slow down and be open

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Morrison speaks on the Grand Parkway

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Metro approves contract with Parsons

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Metro to vote on rail contract

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Grand Parkway Segment E gets a go-ahead

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A step forward for Houston-Galveston rail

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The whys and wherefores of bus rapid transit

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Metro vote on light rail contract delayed

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Some action on the rail construction front

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Red light camera watch: League City

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So much for the Fort Bend-Medical Center shuttle

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More transportation conversation

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We'll always have bottlenecks

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A piece of the stimulus pie for Metro

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And the answer is...more cameras (maybe)

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Critics claim camera study shenanigans

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More on streetcars and sidewalks

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Now how much would you pay for that toll road?

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The case for freight rail

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Pennies from HCTRA

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Streetcars and the next step for Houston transit

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National ban on phoning while driving urged

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Washington Quiet Zone

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Five years of the Main Street Line

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Was the red light camera study flawed?

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Houston's red light camera numbers

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Dude, where's my train?

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Is high-speed rail in Texas' future?

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Lawsuit filed over red light camera study

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More red light cameras for The Woodlands

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Has driving peaked?

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Bike racks on trains: Not looking good

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Fort Worth considers streetcars

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TxDOT says: We need money!

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Galveston takes a step forward on commuter rail

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Privatized parking

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TxDOT asks to be stimulated

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Gas prices down, ridership up

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The long-awaited red light camera study

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Red light camera study coming

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Metro ads

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The Chron on the red light camera car registration plan

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Electric cars

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More school zone cellphone banning

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Precinct analysis: The Richmond Rail Effect 2008

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Pay that ticket or you can't register your car

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Metro asks for help with its loans

11/19/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Don't text and drive in Austin

11/09/08 | permalink | comments [1]

The Katy's grand re-opening

10/28/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Hold that registration!

10/15/08 | permalink | comments [0]

The traffic lights are working again

10/07/08 | permalink | comments [0]

No texting while driving in California

10/02/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Raising the driving age

09/14/08 | permalink | comments [1]

REV Houston

09/05/08 | permalink | comments [1]

The coming regional transit authority

09/04/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Good news and bad news for bike riders

08/31/08 | permalink | comments [2]

What we've got here is failure to communicate

08/30/08 | permalink | comments [0]


08/28/08 | permalink | comments [2]

"But the pension fund was just sitting there!"

08/28/08 | permalink | comments [1]

From the "Heads I win, tails you lose" department

08/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Did you remember to hang up and drive in West U?

08/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Scarbrough lawsuit against Metro dismissed

08/22/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Don't get too attached to that house

08/21/08 | permalink | comments [5]

Good news coming for Metro?

08/19/08 | permalink | comments [3]

Bridgin' it

08/17/08 | permalink | comments [0]

How the Katy Freeway toll lanes will work

08/13/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Car pooling

08/10/08 | permalink | comments [0]

That pillow's gonna cost ya

08/09/08 | permalink | comments [0]

The Fort Bend-Medical Center shuttle

08/07/08 | permalink | comments [1]

H-GAC explains it all to you

08/04/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Bike rage

08/03/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Bye-bye, trees

07/31/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Metro East End meeting

07/29/08 | permalink | comments [0]

An alternate suggestion for Kirby

07/27/08 | permalink | comments [3]

Metro makes change to east end of Universities line

07/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

More motorcycles

07/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro gets another approval from the feds

07/24/08 | permalink | comments [0]

The bypass blues

07/21/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Time to say good-bye to the Kirby trees

07/14/08 | permalink | comments [0]

"It took me sixteen hours to get to LA"

07/14/08 | permalink | comments [5]

Another step forward for Metro

07/11/08 | permalink | comments [0]

A rail plan for Central Texas

07/10/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Using less gas

07/09/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Leavin' on a balloon-powered lawn chair

07/08/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Getting the new commuter rail lines right

07/07/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Can you drive 55?

07/05/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Boot this!

07/04/08 | permalink | comments [0]

A delay for you is an opportunity for someone else

07/03/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Virtual speed bumps

07/02/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Upper Kirby versus Trees for Houston

06/30/08 | permalink | comments [3]

Meeting to discuss commuter rail study

06/30/08 | permalink

East End rail opening ceremony

06/29/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Gray on Kirby

06/28/08 | permalink | comments [0]

The z-word and the airports

06/27/08 | permalink | comments [3]

Harrisburg line groundbreaking Thursday

06/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

New frontiers in multitasking

06/24/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Mayor White talks transit

06/24/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro and the East End

06/23/08 | permalink | comments [0]

More red light cameras in the works

06/20/08 | permalink | comments [0]

More on the Council Metro vote

06/19/08 | permalink | comments [1]

San Antonio airport expansion

06/19/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Where will those new commuter rail lines go?

06/19/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Council approves Metro consent plan

06/18/08 | permalink | comments [0]

The transit network effect

06/18/08 | permalink | comments [3]

Demand for mass transit growing

06/15/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Council delays Metro vote

06/12/08 | permalink | comments [1]

TxDOT rethinks I-69

06/11/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Commuter rail lines recommended

06/11/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Update on Metro v. Scarborough

06/10/08 | permalink | comments [1]

It's hard out there for a pickup

06/07/08 | permalink | comments [4]

The impending bike shortage

06/05/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Sunsetting TxDOT

06/03/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Commissioners Court to vote on Grand Parkway segment

06/03/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Council fusses at Metro over rail details

05/31/08 | permalink | comments [2]

A change of direction at TxDOT?

05/31/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro to hold open house on Southeast corridor today

05/28/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Red light camera watch: Hello, Austin!

05/21/08 | permalink | comments [2]

A loophole for red light runners?

05/20/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Austin light rail hits delays

05/20/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Let's hear it for nerdmobiles!

05/20/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Lose that highway

05/16/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Slow down, you move too fast

05/14/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Bike to work

05/11/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Update on the East End rail routes

05/09/08 | permalink | comments [0]

News flash: Suburbs have traffic, too

05/05/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Higher gas prices, more transit riders

05/04/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Metro changes contractors

04/30/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Can anyone stop the TTC?

04/29/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Austin to try again for light rail

04/26/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Kirby Drive pain to be prolonged

04/26/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Harrisburg rail resolution progressing

04/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

SafeClear wins in court

04/22/08 | permalink | comments [0]

More on Metro costs revisited

04/22/08 | permalink | comments [1]

West U makes school zone cellphone ban official

04/17/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Watch those construction costs

04/12/08 | permalink | comments [4]

San Antonio to jump on board the school zone cellphone ban bandwagon

04/12/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Metro costs revisited

04/11/08 | permalink | comments [8]

West U stands firm against AT&T

04/11/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Grade separation for Harrisburg in the works

04/10/08 | permalink | comments [0]

More on Katy tollway congestion pricing

04/09/08 | permalink | comments [4]

Get ready for congestion pricing on I-10

04/08/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Toll road cameras expand in scope

04/06/08 | permalink | comments [3]

AT&T responds to the West U cellphone ordinance

04/04/08 | permalink | comments [0]

AT&T pushes back on West U school-zone cellphone ban

04/04/08 | permalink | comments [2]

Higher cost projections for new light rail lines

03/31/08 | permalink | comments [6]

Freight rail versus light rail

03/28/08 | permalink | comments [2]

More cameras, fewer tickets

03/27/08 | permalink | comments [5]

West U cellphone ban ordinance passed

03/26/08 | permalink | comments [1]

More on the West U cellphone ban proposal

03/18/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Will West U follow Highland Park?

03/12/08 | permalink | comments [3]

Feds get on board with Metro

02/27/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Lubbock ceases red light camera operations

02/26/08 | permalink | comments [1]

The soccer stadium and the downtown grid

02/25/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Addressing the rail question for the soccer stadium

02/20/08 | permalink | comments [4]

It's not about the fares, it's about the service

02/18/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Kubosh packs it in

02/15/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Could be worse - could (still) be Austin

02/14/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Evaluating the County Judge candidates on rail

02/13/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Red light camera rumors

02/12/08 | permalink | comments [5]

Come on and take a free ride

02/11/08 | permalink | comments [7]

TxDOT: A billion here, a billion there...

02/07/08 | permalink | comments [1]

How much was that freeway supposed to cost?

02/06/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Bacarisse on Metro

02/05/08 | permalink | comments [5]

TXDoT gives Texans a say in new license plate design

02/04/08 | permalink | comments [1]

Trees on Kirby may be doomed after all

01/27/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Red light camera watch: Hello, Amarillo!

01/27/08 | permalink | comments [2]

The soccer stadium and the rail line

01/22/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Hike and bike, train and detain

01/20/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Chat with Metro

01/15/08 | permalink | comments [0]

The homestretch for the Katy Freeway expansion

01/14/08 | permalink | comments [4]

Red light cameras come to Round Rock

01/12/08 | permalink | comments [1]

An update on Metro and the FTA

01/11/08 | permalink | comments [0]

Bikes on the trains

01/03/08 | permalink | comments [0]

RIP, Ric Williamson

12/30/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Tunnel envisioning

12/15/07 | permalink | comments [0]

From the "Why would you want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" department

12/15/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Metro says they'll start construction on time anyway

12/09/07 | permalink | comments [0]

The Hardy Toll Road extension

12/06/07 | permalink | comments [0]

FTA says Metro screwed up

12/06/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Please present your BlackBerry to the boarding agent as your row is called

12/06/07 | permalink | comments [1]

More on the FTA's demands to Metro

12/05/07 | permalink | comments [2]

FTA tells Metro to resubmit paperwork for funding

12/04/07 | permalink | comments [1]

A private Grand Parkway toll road?

12/04/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Red light tickets jump in October

11/29/07 | permalink | comments [1]

An invitation from

11/29/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Do red light cameras work?

11/27/07 | permalink | comments [1]

More on transit options

11/24/07 | permalink | comments [6]

What if they're not a cash cow?

11/21/07 | permalink | comments [0]

A suggestion before construction begins

11/18/07 | permalink | comments [1]

People like transit

11/17/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Commuter to rail to Galveston

11/16/07 | permalink | comments [4]

Fiesta versus TxDOT

11/14/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Highland Park bans cellphone talking while driving in school zones

11/14/07 | permalink | comments [1]

More on the red light camera ruling

11/13/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Where'd that red light camera money go?

11/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Kubosh loses in court

11/12/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Why people subscribe to conspiracy theories

11/06/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Hype versus truth regarding Metro

11/05/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Could be worse - could be Austin

11/02/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Who rides the train?

11/02/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Freeway expansion forces closure of Fiesta

11/02/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Hang up and drive in school zones

11/01/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Sugar Land's red light cameras roll out

10/31/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Light rail funding

10/28/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Red light camera money

10/27/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Still work to be done before the rail lines get built

10/26/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Metro's five year plan

10/23/07 | permalink | comments [3]

I-45 Coalition touts tunnel at City Hall

10/22/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Where the U-Line goes in the east

10/19/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro picks Cummins-Elgin option

10/18/07 | permalink | comments [4]

Get ready for the U-Line decision

10/18/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Don't forget the east end of the line

10/17/07 | permalink | comments [0]

October 18th is U-Line Day

10/15/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Big TxDOT is watching you

10/11/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Handicapped-parking activists unite

10/08/07 | permalink | comments [2]


10/08/07 | permalink | comments [2]

How much is not waiting for that train to pass worth to you?

10/02/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Watch those right-on-red turns starting today

10/01/07 | permalink | comments [0]

TxDOT claims poverty

09/29/07 | permalink | comments [6]

I-45 Coalition website and status update

09/23/07 | permalink | comments [0]

DPS' quixotic fight against the Observer

09/22/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Fly the WiFi-enabled skies

09/20/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Traffic congestion increases. Film at 11.

09/19/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Rail on Westheimer?

09/18/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Report from the Upper Kirby meeting

09/16/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Last call for comments to Metro on Universities line

09/16/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Crossley on the Kirby construction

09/15/07 | permalink | comments [0]

More on the upcoming Upper Kirby renovation

09/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

The spread of red light cameras: Sugar Land and Missouri City

09/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Everything you wanted to know about Kirby Drive reconstruction

09/11/07 | permalink | comments [0]

More on TxDOT's PR offensive

09/07/07 | permalink | comments [1]

EZ Tag traffic down

09/06/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Tolling the interstates?

09/04/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Q&A on the Universities line

09/04/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Council approves new red light camera rules

08/30/07 | permalink | comments [0]

And speaking of red light cameras

08/29/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Red light camera enforcement comes to The Woodlands

08/29/07 | permalink | comments [0]

U-line DEIS hearing post-mortem

08/28/07 | permalink | comments [7]

Trees and the Universities line

08/28/07 | permalink | comments [0]

"Did not!" won't get you out of a red light camera ticket

08/27/07 | permalink | comments [3]

The Eureka corridor

08/24/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Watch those right-on-red turns

08/22/07 | permalink | comments [2]

How much would you pay for that advertising blitz?

08/22/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Where will the stations be?

08/17/07 | permalink | comments [1]

More on the Universities DEIS

08/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

The right way to go

08/12/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Chron story on Universities DEIS

08/08/07 | permalink | comments [2]

University Corridor Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

08/05/07 | permalink | comments [0]

A footnote on the new Costco and light rail

08/05/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Asking questions about the red light cameras

08/02/07 | permalink | comments [0]

SafeClear renewal pending

08/01/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Development along the Main Street line

07/31/07 | permalink | comments [0]

HOT or not?

07/31/07 | permalink | comments [2]

The eight habits of highly successful commuter rail lines

07/29/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro to discuss HOV/HOT lanes with TxDOT today

07/26/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Get yer HOT lanes here

07/26/07 | permalink | comments [1]

More on the 290 widening

07/25/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Last public comment event for US290 widening today

07/24/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Extreme commuting, Texas style

07/21/07 | permalink | comments [0]

More toll roads, higher tolls

07/20/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Amarillo says red light cameras are effective

07/19/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Bunker Hill widening revisited

07/15/07 | permalink | comments [1]

A tour of the freight trains

07/12/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Take the train to the plane (someday)

07/11/07 | permalink | comments [3]

More on tollway congestion pricing

07/10/07 | permalink | comments [9]

Waving At Sugar Land

07/04/07 | permalink | comments [1]

No rail along I-10?

07/01/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Next time, ask Tory first

06/27/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Red light cameras: Still more to come

06/24/07 | permalink | comments [1]

We have congested streets? Why wasn't I told?

06/22/07 | permalink | comments [1]

The Ten Commandments of driving

06/22/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Congestion pricing? What congestion pricing?

06/21/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Backlash on Westpark Toll Road fees

06/21/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Keep (your car) off the grass

06/20/07 | permalink | comments [0]

On not seeing the congestion for the cars

06/20/07 | permalink | comments [2]

An interchange? What a concept!

06/20/07 | permalink | comments [2]


06/19/07 | permalink | comments [2]

From the "Timing Is Everything" Department

06/17/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Will the dissing ever end for Pluto?

06/16/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Still more red light cameras coming

06/15/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Meeting on H-GAC transportation plan tonight

06/14/07 | permalink | comments [0]

On the new red light camera (not quite yet) law

06/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Three transit stories

06/02/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro's partnership

05/30/07 | permalink | comments [0]

North Line BRT groundbreaking in July

05/28/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Weakened toll road moratorium finally passes

05/25/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Anti-rail lawsuit details

05/25/07 | permalink | comments [0]

What about the red light camera bills?

05/24/07 | permalink | comments [1]

A satisfying driving experience

05/24/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Anti-rail lawsuit ruling

05/23/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Speed trap camera bill goes to Governor Perry

05/22/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Toll road moratorium in limbo

05/18/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Anti-rail "lawsuit" hearing

05/18/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Amended Carona bill passes out of the House

05/17/07 | permalink | comments [1]

More toll road maneuvering

05/16/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Still more red light cameras

05/15/07 | permalink | comments [0]

HB1892 veto coming

05/12/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro "lawsuit" hearing on Tuesday

05/11/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro gets some corridors started

05/10/07 | permalink | comments [0]

2035 Regional Transportation Plan

05/08/07 | permalink | comments [0]

No commuter rail from Intermodal Terminal?

05/08/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Transportation roundup

05/06/07 | permalink | comments [0]

No speed trap cameras

05/04/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Perry gets the toll road blues

05/02/07 | permalink | comments [0]

State Auditor busts TxDOT

05/01/07 | permalink | comments [0]

A new toll road concern

04/28/07 | permalink | comments [0]

And the toll road confrontation is on

04/28/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Scarbrough's petition

04/27/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Uptown corridor planning workshop

04/27/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Freeway noise at Memorial Park

04/26/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Metro response to "lawsuit" coming soon

04/21/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Toll road moratorium bill passes from Senate

04/20/07 | permalink | comments [1]

A rail threefer

04/17/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Urban corridor planning events this weekend

04/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

More on the anti-rail "lawsuit"

04/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Kirby storm sewer update

04/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Lawsuit filed against Metro, sort of

04/12/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Next time, run a red light

04/12/07 | permalink | comments [8]

Toll road moratorium passes House

04/11/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Speed trap!

04/09/07 | permalink | comments [5]

Toll road moratorium passes Senate committee

04/07/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Red light camera bills pass out of Senate

04/05/07 | permalink | comments [1]

No red light cameras yet for Alamo Heights

03/30/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Red light cameras fully enabled in Balcones Heights

03/28/07 | permalink | comments [3]

To toll or not to toll

03/26/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Reminder about Metro town hall meetings

03/25/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Been waitin' on the bus all day

03/24/07 | permalink | comments [6]

Carona puts the brakes on toll road moratorium

03/22/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Funding pro-transit candidates

03/20/07 | permalink | comments [1]

The Mobility Corps

03/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Connecting Uptown to Downtown

03/13/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Meetings scheduled for University Corridor

03/11/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Toll road moratorium

03/09/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Wrong way driving

03/06/07 | permalink | comments [1]

One more article about Culberson's town hall meeting

03/04/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Kubosh prepares to sue

02/26/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Toll lanes coming for SH-288

02/26/07 | permalink | comments [2]

State auditor criticizes Trans Texas Corridor

02/24/07 | permalink | comments [0]

More reactions to the Culberson town hall meeting

02/24/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Rowdy rail gathering

02/23/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Last word on Old Spanish Trail

02/23/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Exploring the Neartown options

02/22/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Neartown Association endorses Cummins route for Universities line

02/21/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Still more on Old Spanish Trail

02/20/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Once more with toll road math

02/19/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Red light camera study in Philadelphia

02/16/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Same phony attack, new location

02/14/07 | permalink | comments [2]

A quick update on Old Spanish Trail

02/12/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Metro responds to North Line complaints

02/12/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Some transportation-related items

02/12/07 | permalink | comments [0]

North line complaints

02/09/07 | permalink | comments [8]

FTA funding for Metro

02/08/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Supporting Richmond Rail the practical way

02/07/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Red light camera collections: Better than first reported

02/05/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Rail options at UH

02/05/07 | permalink | comments [0]

TxDOT's lobby money

02/03/07 | permalink | comments [0]

A more pointed response regarding Richmond rail

02/01/07 | permalink | comments [1]

Metro's HOV crackdown

01/31/07 | permalink | comments [9]

In which I vent about Old Spanish Trail

01/30/07 | permalink | comments [2]

Point/not-quite-counterpoint on rail

01/29/07 | permalink | comments [3]

What is HCTRA up to?

01/28/07 | permalink | comments [0]

Residents want West Alabama put back the way it was

01/27/07 | permalink | comments [0]

System overview and downtown BRT

01/26/07 | permalink | comments [0]

And more red light cameras have been installed

01/26/07 | permalink | comments [5]

On red lights and yellow lights

01/18/07 | permalink | comments [30]

Red light cameras come to Bexar County

01/16/07 | permalink | comments [3]

Debating red light cameras

01/06/07 | permalink | comments [5]