October 15, 2007
October 18th is U-Line Day

RichmondRail.org brings the news:

Since April 2006, RichmondRail.org volunteers have worked ceaselessly to make sure METRO does what we need them to do: build neighborhood-friendly rail on Richmond Avenue.

The biggest decision we've been waiting for -- and working towards -- is nearly here. The METRO board is expected to vote at their October 18th meeting. They will choose an alignment for the University line, and we're counting on them to choose the Cummins option west of Main Street.

Once again, we will come together to show the decision makers our strength in numbers. We're planning to attend the METRO board meeting downtown and speak up for rail on Richmond. Will you plan to join us?

Before that happens - as in, tomorrow night, October 16 - the RichmondRail GPAC will announce its endorsements of candidates in City Council races:

Candidates were asked the following questions (pdf):

* Do you support Rail on Richmond from Main to Cummins?
* Will you vote to approve the franchise agreements necessary to allow for the construction of rail on Richmond from Main to Cummins?
* Will you work for, and vote to fund, such improvements along Richmond Avenue in order to make our new light rail system truly neighborhood and pedestrian friendly?
* Will you partner with Metro and the Community to develop meaningful programs to mitigate the negative impacts of the light rail projects?

Please plan to join us at Maria Selma Restaurant on Tuesday, October 16, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm as we come together to find out which candidates support our issue and will work hard on our behalf. Enjoy a festive beverage, meet the candidates, and stay for dinner!

I look forward to seeing who gets their nods.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 15, 2007 to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles