April 19, 2007
600 Sq Mi

Do you live in or around Houston and like taking pictures? If you do, Houstonist would like you to know about 600 Sq Mi, its first-ever photography show:

It's a juried exhibition of photographs from Houston, from Main Street to the coastal prairie and everything in between. We're looking for photos that show what makes Houston what it is: the buildings, the landscape, the people, the art, the taco stands, the shotgun houses, the freeways. Whether you've been photographing the city for years or just picked up a camera for the first time, we want to see what you see when you think of Houston.

A group of jurors will sort through all the photos submitted and will select enough to fill the walls of MSquared Gallery in the Heights. The 600 sq mi exhibition will run at MSquared from Sept. 5 to Oct. 7, 2007, with an opening reception Saturday, Sept. 8.

Check out the overview of the entry process below, then send us your best shots. We can't wait to see them.

I may have to go through my Flickr archives and see if there's anything I'm particularly proud of. You never know. Entry deadline is June 1, so get cracking if this interests you. Christine has more.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 19, 2007 to Elsewhere in Houston

Maybe I should enter some of my photos from Tropical Storm Allison?


Posted by: Dan Wallach on April 21, 2007 12:45 PM