July 02, 2007
Rick Noriega To Announce Senate Exploratory Committee Soon

(I've been wondering why Kuff hadn't jumped all over this. Now I know it is because of the affliction. Cross posted from musings.)

Looks like the Mid-Cities Democrats got the scoop from State Representative and LTC Rick Noriega that he is one week out from announcing his Senate Exploratory Committee.

This good news is on top of the letter from forty-nine of his Legislative colleagues drafting him to run against Cornyn.

And, don't forget that Texas bloggers were the first to draft Rick for Senate.

The Austin American Statesman has a great article up where he talks about his colleagues drafting him:

"These are folks in the trenches with you," he said. "You laugh, you cry, you fight, you bite. At the end, you know that people are about what's best for Texas. That's a huge statement from my colleagues."

The headline quote from Noriega:

Noriega said that if he runs, he'll talk up the idea of Americans committing to public service: "The question becomes: What do we do individually to ensure that we as a nation are on the right path?"

Others blogging on the latest news about Rick Noriega: Hal, John, CouldBeTrue and wcnews.

Posted by Martha Griffin on July 02, 2007 to Election 2008