July 05, 2007
Who Wants To Run Against Nick Lampson?

Sounds like not so many Republicans want to be a contender this time around.

Bob Dunn at Fort Bend Now rates the Rs commitment to running in the Republican primary for 22 this way:

Shelley In Pink: 100%
Dean Hrbacek: 99%
Robert "Cookies" Talton: eh. Iffy.

Who is Dean Hrbacek? Former mayor of Sugar Land, ousted by Dave Wallace (who is not running for Congress this time around.)

It's all very confusing on the Republican side, but it's clear Nick Lampson is running again. Now, if it ends up being Shelley running against him, will we be victimized by a new campaign song? Free tip to her: use Aerosmith's Pink.

Posted by Martha Griffin on July 05, 2007 to Election 2008