July 13, 2007
Fundraising numbers - Grant and Jaworski

Mikal Watts isn't the only Democratic hopeful for 2008 who has announced good fundraising numbers for the second quarter of 2007. Here's Dan Grant, one of the contenders for CD10:

Foreign policy expert Dan Grant today announced that he will report raising more than $72,700 in campaign contributions during the first five weeks of his campaign, saying that he is gratified by the strong support in his race for a fresh start and a new direction.

"Together, we have begun to raise the seed money we need to build a grassroots network," Grant said. "This is the kind of momentum that will help us strengthen national security, provide access to health care, and ensure a level playing field for middle-class families who work hard and play by the rules."

The filing deadline is Monday for the latest fundraising period, which ended June 30, 2007. Grant began raising money in late May and will report a total of $72,765.08 in contributions from 173 individuals, expenditures of $5,523.82, and $67,241.26 cash on hand.

More than $15,000 of Grant's resources came from men and women who are serving and have served in Iraq.

"It's time to go to the source to change the course," Grant said. "Those who are on the front lines or have been there know that sending someone to Washington who has actually been on the ground in Iraq is best way to bring an end to our involvement there."

A total of $54,000 in donations came from 127 online donors who support his campaign to restore balance, integrity, and mainstream values for the families and small businesses of Congressional District 10.

Grant raised a chunk of money on ActBlue, which puts him in a position to be one of the netroots stars next year. He has to make it past the primary first, but he starts out in good shape.

And we also have Joe Jaworski, running in Senate District 11:

n an unprecedented show of strength nine months before next year's primary elections, Joe Jaworski announced today that he will report raising more than a quarter-million dollars in contributions for his Texas Senate race, saying that voters are investing their money and hopes in his campaign to bring independent leadership for a new direction to Austin.

"I am deeply gratified by this widespread support," Jaworski said. "But I'm frankly not surprised that so many want positive change instead of more of the same."

The filing deadline is Monday for the latest fundraising period from January 1, 2007, to June 30, 2007. Jaworski will report a total of $214,495 raised from 348 individuals for the period. His campaign had $209,508.50 cash on hand at the deadline and has raised $37,000 in online contributions.

Jaworski is running for Senate District 11, which includes portions of Harris, Brazoria and Galveston Counties. He has raised more than $250,000 since entering the race last fall.

Senate races are about as expensive as Congressional races, so this is a heck of a start for Jaworski, who's running against Mike "Furniture" Jackson. He has a ways to go, however - as of January, Jackson had almost $950K on hand; this is what happens when you go unchallenged for re-election for a couple of cycles. Still, it's a good start, and there's a lot of time to make up ground. Keep an eye on this one.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 13, 2007 to Election 2008