August 29, 2007
Bacarisse makes it official

The worst-kept secret in local politics officially became a non-secret today, as District Clerk Charles Bacarisse resigned his position to run for the GOP nomination for County Judge.

Bacarisse, who has served as district clerk since 1994, effectively resigned his position to run.

By state law, county officials are required to resign to run for another office. A notice of vacancy and request for applications was sent out via e-mail shortly after Bacarisse made his announement.

The duties of district clerk are largely ministerial, including summoning prospective jurors for state and county courts, maintaining certain court files and collecting child support payments.

In contrast, the county judge is the titular head of county government and its ceremonial face. The office, however, carries little real executive authority except as head of emergency management.

If elected, Bacarisse said he would address the costs associated with illegal immigration, which are "stretching taxpayers and county resources to the breaking point."

He also said he would ask Commissioners Court to adopt a taxpayer bill of rights to cap the county's annual budget at level equal to the growth of population, plus the rate of inflation. And he promised to forge a "public-private-faith partnership" to reach out to troubled juveniles.

Yes, that's definitely a platform for a Republican primary. I'm curious - did he say nothing about transportation and toll roads, or emergency preparedness, or was that just not mentioned in the story?

Bacarisse has waited in the wings more than 10 years for the county judge position to open. But he was passed over by Commissioners Court earlier this year. It appointed Ed Emmett when Robert Eckels resigned.

Well, as GW Plunkitt might have said, he saw an opportunity and he took it. We'll see how it goes. Fight fiercely, boys.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 29, 2007 to Election 2008

I can think of no better endorsement for Ed Emmett than Bacarisse's platform.

Posted by: RedScare on August 29, 2007 9:39 PM

Charles has some good red meat in there for the base to turnout, and has some good crossover philosophies that highlight he is not some political Hack, but can transcend party lines - whats so helpful for Emmett in that regard ? With all the MEGA Churches in the area - a faith based-government coalition is worth trying and would take someone with tact and experience to pull off. Let the games begin...

Posted by: TAN on August 30, 2007 4:02 PM