September 11, 2007
Ron Reynolds update

Hal noticed my earlier post regarding Ron Reynolds, who is going to run a Democratic primary challenge to State Rep. Dora Olivo, and wanted to clear something up:

Reynolds told me at Saturday's Democratic Party function that he indeed had been approached by the Craddick camp about running against Dora Olivo, offering him support from The Speaker's deep pockets. Ron turned them down flat. Ron said that he was definitely not going to be supporting The Speaker, that he was a progressive Democrat like Dora, but that they differ on a few issues. Issues we have already mentioned before. He also re-emphasized to me his desire to help other Democrats win in their races. [I had a John Kerry sign on my lawn in '04. I'll bet Ron did, too.]

So let's not let that one rear its ugly head.

I had mentioned that Olivo's 2006 primary challenger was alleged to have had ties to Craddick, a charge for which Richard Morrison offered evidence in the comments to that previous post. It was absolutely not my intent to imply in any way that Reynolds was a Craddick-D-wannabe, and I should have made that more clear. My apologies for any confusion I may have caused.

I confess to some ambivalence about this. I've heard good things about Ron Reynolds, and I hope to get a chance to meet him soon so I can see for myself. I daresay he and I have the same differences on issues with Rep. Olivo, and all things considered I'd rather have someone who agrees with me on those things in the House than not. On the other hand, there are a lot of people I know and respect who are firmly in Olivo's camp. She's very solid on other lower-profile, less hot-button but still vital issues where some other progressive Dems have been known to wander off the reservation. I think that needs to count for something.

So this is looking like a tough choice to make between two good candidates. May the debate be vigorous but clean, and may the best person win.

UPDATE: Should have linked to Hal's post about that Saturday function, too.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 11, 2007 to Election 2008